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Holiday 2020: 10 Gifts for the Photography Aficionados In Your Life

A man using a monopod to steady his camera while snapping a photo on a sunny street.
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Photography is a very rewarding hobby but the price of gear and accessories sure can add up. This holiday season, make your photo-loving friends happy by gifting them one of these affordable items to help them grow their photography kit!

A Quality Camera Strap 

Ask any photographer and they’ll be able to tell you how bothersome it is to have a stiff strap sinking into your shoulder after a while of carrying the camera around. This is especially true when it comes to larger DSLRs with big lenses. This is why your friend would love you if you were to gift him with this adjustable camera strap with light-weight padding that provides comfort and convenience. In fact, it also comes with a metal clip for quick-release, a safety tether, an SD card case, and a zipper storage pouch. It’s an all-in-one kind of deal!

A Neutral Density Filter Kit

If there’s one thing that can bring extra joy to camera owners is fun accessories they can play around with. That’s the case of neutral density filters, which on the practical side allow photographers to take vivid photos and videos in the most inconvenient scenarios, such as those involving bright daylight and snowy scenes. And, on the fun side, they allow for experimentation with the composition and interesting effects.

This kit comes with eight pieces, nine adaptors, and one adaptor holder to be used on any camera. 

An Electronics Organizer

Black double-layer electronic organizer with cables and camera accessories inside

The more you get into photography, the more electronic accessories you have—and they’re not all necessarily exciting. Think of cables, batteries, SD cards, flash drives, adaptors … they’re all essential but also very easy to lose. Want to make your friend’s life easier? Gift him this organizer to store all his electronics and keep them safe. It’s very spacious, easy to carry, and it’s both water- and shockproof. Can’t go wrong with this present!

A Universal Video Microphone

A microphone might seem like an odd choice in a roundup of photography gifts, but modern DSLRs are often very capable video cameras and open up a world of possibilities when it comes to creative short films, filming interviews, and more. When it comes to creating video content, sound quality is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether it’s YouTube tutorials, interviews, or outdoor events, this universally compatible microphone can help boost the quality of any video to a higher standard. Not only does it come with multiple accessories, but it also comes with a one-year warranty so you know you can trust the brand. 

It’s safe to say your friend will definitely appreciate the gift!

A Camera Stabilizer 

Another gadget popular among video content creators is a camera stabilizer. If you’ve ever tried filming something in motion for a long period of time you know how unstable the image can be and how tiring it is to hold the camera or phone for that long. That’s where this stabilizer with lightweight handles comes in handy (pun intended!). 

It’s comfortable, universally compatible, and it reduces vibration, allowing you to shoot action movies more stably. The cinematographer in your life would certainly welcome this fun and useful present. 

A Ring Light Set

Good lighting is key for high-quality photos and videos. This is what makes this dimmable ring light set an excellent gift for content creators. It comes with three color lighting modes with 11 brightness levels each, a tripod, a USB cable, and even a rotatable smartphone holder for those into mobile photography or videography. The best part? The brand also offers a 3-year replacement service! 

Help your friend get rid of unflattering shadows and create beautiful art. 

A Digital Instant Print Camera

KODAK Printomatci Digital Instant Print black-and-white camera with print paper

Polaroids are super fun to shoot with, but they’re not the most affordable option on the market. This Kodak Printomatic camera offers the exact same experience and more for half the price! With one simple click, not only does this camera instantly print 2×3″ sticky-backed photos, but it also saves them to a microSD card for you to see them on your computer. It’s compact enough to fit in the pocket of your jacket and it comes in different colors to appeal to anyone’s preferences.

It’s the kind of gift that can put a smile on anyone’s face!

A Lightweight Tripod

No photography kit is complete without a sturdy and comfortable tripod. It’s the kind of gear you can’t go without if you’re looking to take long-exposure shots of waterfalls, time-lapses of the Milky Way, or even make videos of flying birds. This tripod is particularly convenient for three main reasons: It’s made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and durable, it can be easily turned into a monopod, and it comes with a storage bag for traveling. 

It’s the perfect gift for outdoor photographers!

An Action Camera

Is your friend into photography as much as he’s into sports? If yes, then this is the right present for them. Featuring a 20MP sensor size, 4K video resolution, a wide-angle view, and image stabilization, this action camera is ideal for adrenaline junkies looking to capture their adventures. It also comes with a waterproof case to be used underwater, as well as Wi-Fi capabilities to connect it to your phone for photo editing and sharing.

Your chances of being the best gifter this holiday season will skyrocket with this camera!

A Camera Backpack 

Camera Bag Made of Dark Brown Water Resistant Canvas

No committed photographer should go without a good-quality backpack to fit the camera body, lenses, and all the other accessories necessary for a successful work or leisure trip. This one in particular is both affordable and highly practical for a number of reasons. It offers three entries for easy access, a laptop compartment, plenty of space, an anti-theft feature, and it’s made of water-resistant canvas.

If your creative friend doesn’t have one yet, you know what to do!

Make your friends’ Christmas extra special by gifting them one of these cool and useful items!

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