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The Best Baby Books to Capture Snapshots, Quotes, and Cuteness

A mom looking at a baby book with her child.
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Want to remember every adorable thing your little one does? Get yourself a baby book to capture every snapshot, quote, and adorable moment.

What they say is true: time really does fly when you’re raising a kid. Before you know it, your sweet little newborn will be a sarcastic teenager. As special as each little milestone feels in the moment, it’s easy to forget all the firsts that made you smile.

Baby books were made specifically for this reason. You can record all the things your little one accomplishes by adding photos and writing down all cute things he does. Then, you can look back on them years later, teary-eyed and happy.

Below are some of the best baby books out there, whether you’re looking for something easy and quick or more in-depth.

Best Overall: Baby the First Five Years

Write To Me Birth To Five Years
Write To Me

There are hundreds of baby books out there, but this one from Write to Me covers from birth to 5 years. It’s extra special, featuring a minimalist design that will never look dated. It’s also sturdy enough to last for years and comes in a keepsake box to ensure it stays safe.

Unlike a lot of baby books, this one covers baby’s life up to 5 years old, which makes it extensive but not completely overwhelming. There’s plenty of space to write out the cutest memories, with prompts that are more than just “first words.” There are also blank pages to add photos or write more if you want to.

Cutest: Little Animal Lover Memory Book

If you’re looking for something with a cuter aesthetic, try the Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book. Full of adorable illustrations and bright colors, this one is super fun.

This is also a great book for someone who doesn’t want (or have the time) to do a ton of writing. There’s just enough space for quick blurbs and so much space for images, it’s more like a photo album than anything else. We love how it also includes pages for a few of their first birthdays.

Best for Toddlers: The Little Years Toddler Book

Most parents are anxious to record the special moments during the first year of their baby’s life. However, some want to record the big moments during those toddler years, as well. Many baby books only cover the first year or so, which is what makes the Lucy Darling The Little Years book stand out: it’s meant for toddlers and up to 6 years.

Like the Lucy Darling baby book, this one has space to write out cute quotes and special moments, without having to write long paragraphs. It also has lots of room for milestone photos, making it something special the whole family will be excited to look at time and time again.

Best for Photos: The Story of You

Artifact Uprising The Story Of You
Artifact Uprising

If you’re more interested in a book for special photos, opt for Artifact Uprising’s The Story of You photo book. The gorgeous, minimalist design has plenty of space to share all your favorite photos of your little one.

It also includes cute prompts next to each photo to help you write out all the little memories you might otherwise forget. It has a gender-neutral design, is available in several colors, and is super-versatile. A code for free prints is also included with every purchase.

Most Inclusive: RubyRoo Baby First Year Memory Book

The RubyRoo Baby First Year Memory Book was designed to be an inclusive baby book for all types of families, which isn’t as easy to find as you might think. It’s full of adorable illustrations and bright colors that make it fun. It also has monthly birthday pages, and space for major milestones and holidays.

This one also goes beyond just the first year (although, it definitely focuses more on that time), and includes space for up to the first 5 years and personal stories. It’s sturdy, durable, and will last forever.

Best for Busy Parents: One-Line-a-Day Memory Book

For many parents, the thought of filling out a baby book can be overwhelming. Many people get them, and then never fill them out. The Baby, You’re Here! One Line-A-Day Memory Book is a lot easier to take on, thanks to its fast approach to saving memories.

Instead of being prompted to print out and glue in photos, this one just has writing prompts. It’s really versatile, too. There’s space to write the date, and then a few lines to write whatever it is you want to record, whether it’s a special first or a cute quote.

It’s easy for even the busiest parents to fill out.

Baby, You're Here!: A One-Line-a-Day Baby Memory Book

Less overwhelming than other options.

Most Extensive: Childhood History Journal

If you want to remember every big and little moment in your child’s life, the Promptly Journals Childhood History is perfect. It covers birth up to 18 years, with 254 pages full of meaningful prompts that correspond with each phase or year.

It also has space for photos and footprints, as well as blank spaces for parents to write little notes to their child. The design is minimalist and classic, wrapped in linen, and beautifully timeless.

Best Luxury: Peeps Paper Products Baby Book

Peeps Paper Products Baby Book
The Tot

Described as “the ultimate luxury baby journal,” this Peeps Paper Products Baby Book is an extremely chic way to record your child’s special moments. Made of natural materials (it’s bound in Japanese Asahi cloth and printed on Mohawk superfine paper), this book features original watercolor prints. It also comes in a beautiful gift box.

This book also provides plenty of space for photos, as well as prompts to write down special moments. At just 60 pages, it also doesn’t feel overwhelming to fill out. Can you get nearly the same experience from a book that costs 1/3 the price of this one? Sure! But if you’re looking for something extra luxe, this is it!

Best for First-Time Parents: Baby Memory Book

Of course, any baby book on this list is ideal for your first baby, but this one by First-Time Moms is a little different. Not only is it filled with prompts and space for photos, but it also features feel-good quotes that will lift a new mom’s spirit if she’s feeling down or lonely.

Some of the prompts are also purposely funny and will make you laugh, even when you’re stressed out. Many of the prompts also focus on how mom is doing. For example, one is about the first time mom felt ready to go out in public again after baby. This is a cute way to track the experience of both new motherhood and baby memories.

First-Time Mom's Baby Memory Book: Record Precious Moments and Memories

For moms who want to record their journey, as well.

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