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Holiday 2020: 15 Fun and Useful Car-Related Gifts

From left to right: a high-intensity flashlight, LED ambient lighting for your car, and an Amazon Echo Auto in-car smart system.
Wondering what to get the car lovers in your life this holiday season? Check out this list of fun and useful gifts!

A Handy Car Vacuum

Lugging a full-size vacuum out to the car to deal with crumbs and road dust is a hassle. This handy little vacuum is perfect for quick cleaning. Plus, it has a long cord you can plug into the 12-volt port in your vehicle so you don’t have to deal with charging the battery. It’s tiny, but mighty, with a 106-watt, 8.8-amp motor and a metal turbine for ultimate suction power. It’ll take care of every crumb. It’s also ergonomic for easy access to even the hardest-to-reach areas.

A Back-Up Camera

Most new cars already have a built-in back-up camera, but many recent models do not. If the car lover in your life doesn’t yet have one, this one from eRapta will make the perfect gift. This licensed back-up camera has nearly 10,000 rave reviews on Amazon. It’s waterproof, easy to install, and even has LED lights to “see” in the dark. You can’t go wrong with this one!

A Dash Camera

Dash cameras can shoot for a long time and even help out if there’s an accident. They’re a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car—especially if they drive long distances. This Rove R2-4K Dash Camera has built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, ultra-HD resolution, and night vision for clear footage, even in the darkest conditions. The companion app also makes downloading video straight to a smartphone quick and easy. So, your recipient can share their favorite road-trip sights with all their friends in seconds.

Fun LED Interior Lights

Car interior with colorful party LED lighting.
Have a friend who loves to blast party music in their car? If so, they’ll absolutely adore this Govee Interior LED Set. It has 32 colors that sync with the beat. It’s really simple to set up and use, as it comes with a remote-control box that can easily be activated at the touch of a button. Bring on the party vibes!

A Wireless Phone Charger

Help your friend keep their phone charged and safely mounted on their dash with this awesome Choetech wireless phone charger. No more fussing with that charging cable in the car!

An Amazon Echo Auto for In-Car Alexa

Those who already have Alexa at home will know how useful this little device will be. It’s especially helpful for those who are always running around, trying to get multiple things done at once. The Echo Auto Alexa is the perfect gift for anyone who drives because it allows them to do so distraction-free. It connects to a smartphone and is easily manipulated by voice commands it can distinguish even over loud music and road noise. Checking the news, streaming music, making calls, and even paying for gas, has never been easier.

A Jump-Starter

A dead car battery puts a damper on anyone’s day. Help your friend avoid making a service call with this handy car jump starter. Many on the market are just expensive single-purpose batteries. But this one from Tacklife also features bright flash- and hazard lights. It also functions as a massive 18,000 mAh battery pack, so your friend can use it to charge portable electronics via USB.

A Multipurpose Toolbox

Another important accessory to keep in the car is a good toolbox filled with items that might help in an emergency. This 170-piece General-Purpose Set from Crescent contains the perfect assortment of hand tools. They all come in a sturdy, durable box that can be safely and neatly tucked away in the trunk. It makes an awesome gift for those who are handy at fixing cars.

A Bright Flashlight

Small flashlight on a man's shoulder.
Whether you’re working on your car, fixing a flat, or just out and about running errands, it’s always good to have a flashlight. This one from KeySmart has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, five different modes, a swivel head, and a magnetic tail cap for easy mounting. What more could anyone want from a flashlight?

A Panoramic Rearview Mirror

If the rearview mirror in your friend’s car is inadequate, get him this awesome Panoramic mirror from Kitbest. It significantly reduces blind spots and makes driving much safer. The stretchable clip will make it fit most cars, from SUVs to trucks. It’s also really easy to install with the adjustable upper and lower clips.

Grit Guards for Scratch-Free Washing

Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap is an awesome invention! When it’s inserted in a wash bucket, it eliminates the scratches, swirls, and paint damage that can occur during washing. The cyclone design expertly separates dirt from the wash water, ensuring the sponge stays clean. It makes a really great gift for any car lover who washes and details their own car.

Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert, Red

Removes the risk of scratches, swirls, and paint damage.

Durable Floor Mats

One of the most useful gifts you can get anyone is a set of quality, universal floor mats, like these from WeatherTech. They come in a set of four and won’t crack, even in subzero temps. They also have unique left and right designs, and a patented grip to prevent shifting or sliding.

An Auto Care Subscription

A box of car detailing products.
Have a friend who loves cleaning and detailing their car? They’ll be thrilled to receive a GloveBox subscription. This curated subscription box comes filled to the brim with car-cleaning gear every month. It’ll help them keep a shine on their favorite ride.

A Comfy Massage Cushion

For those who spend a lot of time in the car, one of the best gifts you can give them this holiday season is this Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion. All they have to do is put it in their car! It has six massage nodes and three heating pads to cover all those target areas of the back that get sore. It can also be customized, depending on which part of the back needs more attention. They can also use it on their office chair or while watching Netflix!

The Car Hacks Manual

The "Car Hacks" manual with tips and tricks for taking care of your car.
Haynes Publishing
This fun list of car gifts wouldn’t be complete without the Car Hacks manual. Packed with 126 vehicle-themed tips and tricks, it’s an absolute must for any car lover. From mess-saving (using a screwdriver as a funnel to pour liquids without splashing) to clever (using heated seats to keep takeout warm), who wouldn’t love a book full of handy car tips?

Whether you go for the super-practical or something with LEDs, the car lovers in your life are sure to enjoy something off this list.

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