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Mental Health Is a Home Trend According to IKEA

An IKEA catalogue sits among fabric and scissors on top of a desk.

In 2020, home has become more than just the place you lay your head at night. According to IKEA, the home-all-the-time trend has led to mental health becoming a home trend. What exactly does that mean, though?

In its 2020 Life at Home report, the retailer surveys people all over the world about the ways life can be better at home, and speaks to experts about trends they’re seeing emerge throughout the year. IKEA found five key elements for creating a better at-home experience, and none of them focused on what color couch you have or the type of mirror in your bathroom. Instead, one of 2020’s major home trends was about security and its link to mental health.

In its survey, IKEA defined the element as, “More than physical or financial security, this is about feeling safe and grounded when we’re at home. When our homes feel like a sanctuary from the uncertainty of the outside world, we can really thrive there.” The retailer found that a sense of sanctuary was important for people in 2020 and superseded any specific design element.

But that doesn’t mean no wish lists exist. People who were surveyed wanted more space for hobbies, private garden areas, and a separate space for work or study.

If you want to learn more about the way 2020 impacted home trends, you can check out IKEA’s full report.

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