Sam’s Club’s Dog Advent Calendar Is Only $10

A dog advent calendar hangs above a fireplace decorated with garland.
Sams Club

You may have already picked out an advent calendar for yourself or your kids, but don’t forget your furry family member. Sam’s Club’s dog advent calendar is the perfect option for the littlest member of your family.

The bulk buying superstore is selling 24-day advent calendars for your doggos to get into the holiday spirit just as you would. The product features 35 treats (because sometimes you need more than one in a day) that are grain-free and meat-based with just two ingredients per treat. Plus, each is made from 95% real meat and is all-natural. The best part? It’s just $10 making it a complete steal for your pet. There are reviews to back it up.

A dog adven calendar hangs above a couch.
Sams Club

On the Sam’s Club website, one user wrote, “Our little 5lbs Yorkie loves all the treats. Last Christmas, by day five she knew we got to open a door every morning, so it was so cute when she would just wake up and go sit by the counter where I kept this.” Another explained, “So happy these are back again this year! I bought three last year for my dog and two family member’s dogs and they were a huge hit! I’m pretty picky about what I give my pup and the treats in this advent calendar are very healthy.”

If you want you want your pup to his their very own Christmas present, Sam’s Club’s dog advent may be a good option. Sadly, it appears to be out of stock online but you can still use the listing to check the inventory at your local Sam’s Club.

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