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This Woman’s Plant Watering Hack Has Gone Viral

A woman uses a watering can to water a shelf full of houseplants.

Not everyone has a green thumb, and that’s okay! But for those who want to keep their houseplants alive despite being gardening novices, this watering hack might help.

The technique is called “bottom watering.” It was posted on TikTok by content creator, @0broomhilda0, and it’s garnered over 4 million views.

All you need is a clear bowl or bucket big enough to sit your plants in and, well, some water. Fill the bucket, and then, place your plant in the water. As it sits, it absorbs the moisture from the bottom without you having to guess if it’s had enough.

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If you’re unsure how to tell if you’ve given your potted plant enough time, there’s a second video in which @0broomhilda0 explains that this is why a clear bowl or bucket is a must. You have to be able to see the water level because, as the plant absorbs the water, the level goes down. Once it evens out and stops slipping lower, your plant is thoroughly watered.

Anyone who’s struggled with watering their plants just the right amount should give this hack a try.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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