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10 Whimsical Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Three whimsical food-related gifts, left to right: guitar tongs, a Lochness monster ladle, and a butter whale.
Funware/OTOTO/Fox Run

When the chef in your life has just about every unique kitchen gadget there is, you might have to look past the practical and get creative. Check out these fun food-related gifts you can wrap up this holiday season.

Sure you could buy your friend a utilitarian gift but that’s… boring. They can buy themselves a plain old spatula or a butter dish that isn’t shaped like a giant sea-dwelling mammal. Part of the fun of these gifts is how silly and whimsical they are.

Dinosaur Taco Holders

A young couple preparing dinner on Taco Tuesday night using their new dinosaur taco holders. The male is preparing taco meat while the female starts filling the shells with fresh veggies and cheese.

Yes, even home chefs indulge in Taco Tuesday, and these unique little holders are perfect for those weekly celebrations! Not to mention, they’re also tons of fun for kids.

These food- and dishwasher-safe holders are shaped like an ultrasaurus and a triceratops, so your favorite foodie can serve up a prehistoric dinner the family will love.

Unicorn Mini Pancake Pan

Perhaps unicorns are a little more up your friend’s alley. If so, he or she will love whipping up adorable mini pancakes with this griddle pan. It features seven unique designs with unicorns and stars.

It’s also made of nonstick material and super easy to clean. So, if your friend claims to be a breakfast chef, wrap up this one-of-a-kind griddle for her!

What on Earth Shark Attack Sushi Platter

Here’s a bizarre, yet hilarious, gift your food-loving friend will appreciate. This perfectly practical shark dish features a soy sauce (the mouth) and chopstick (the tail fin) holder.

The best part is you can use it for other snacks, too, like chips and salsa, shrimp and cocktail sauce, or veggies and dip. Your friend will love whipping this one out for parties or even on quiet nights in.

Nessie Ladle

A blue Loch Ness Monster Ladle displayed with a bright orange dutch oven, prepped carrots and a halved butternut squash

This fun cooking ladle is a fantastic addition to any kitchen tool collection. Your friend will love dunking this Loch Ness Monster into any pot of stew and leaving its head to stick out the top.

Your recipient can serve up soups and sauces with this 100% food-safe and BPA-free ladle.

Gracula Garlic Twist

There’s one vampire you can’t ward off with garlic, and it’s Count Gracula! This little garlic crusher is both quirky and useful. It’ll allow your foodie friend to crush cloves of garlic with ease.

Plus, this vamp will keep their hands free of that garlic odor. It’s dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and perfect for any chef who appreciates spooky stuff all year.

Fox Run Whale Butter Dish

There’s no better way to keep your butter fresh and at room temperature than with this lovely whale butter dish. Made of high-quality ceramic, it features a tight-fitting whale-shaped lid.

It can hold up to two sticks of butter, or your friend can use it to store cold bricks of cream cheese. They’ll love the easy-to-lift tail fin handle, which helps keep that butter grease off their fingers.

It’s an excellent gift for a nautical-themed kitchen, beach house, or any ocean-loving foodie.

Fox Run Whale Ceramic Butter Dish with Lid, 7", Aqua Blue

The Butter Whale is a species any foodie would want to find in their fridge!

Cat Oven Mitts

Whether your friend is a cat lover or just enjoys goofy gifts, these adorable cat paw oven mitts are purrfect! They’re cotton-quilted for comfort and designed to withstand heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your recipient will love using them for baking, serving casserole dishes, or even grilling outdoors. When they’re aren’t in use, they still look adorable just hanging there. They’re also machine washable, so what’s not to love?

Nesting Dolls Measuring Cups

A set of white Matryoshka doll measuring cups, filled with ingredients displaying a whisk, eggs butter and milk in the background.
Fred and Friends

Matryoshka (aka “nesting”) dolls offer an old-school appeal that only some will understand and admire. These adorable measuring cups stack into one another for easy storage. The set comes with six dry measuring cups: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 1 cup.

These Russian dolls are made of heavy-duty, food-safe plastic. And if you love this design, be sure to check out the matching measuring spoons and salt and pepper shakers.

Guitar Tongs

If your friend rocks the grill all summer long, he or she will love this awesome set of guitar tongs. They’re the ultimate party or tailgating tool for any rock ‘n roll enthusiast. However, we must warn you—these often cause spontaneous (and epic) air-guitar solos.

Pepki Guitar Stainless Two-Piece-Barbecue Set

Caution: Might lead to endless air guitar.

Crab Spoon Holder

Finally, the gift everyone didn’t know they needed! This hilarious and quirky crab spoon holder will work for all wooden, plastic, or metal spoons.

This little guy lends a helping claw whenever your friend needs somewhere to rest that messy cooking spoon. There’s also an adorable witch spoon holder if that’s more their style.

Quirky kitchen gadgets make eating and cooking hella fun, but these tools are actually functional, too! Be sure to pick up a few for yourself when ordering some for your foodie friends.

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