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Your Enneagram Type Can Tell You the Best Home Habits to Have

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You’ve likely taken a Myers-Briggs personality test before and discovered which of the 16 types you are. Now, however, there’s a new way to get some insight into your personality: Enneagrams.

If you’ve discovered which number you are, that Enneagram type can tell you which home habits it would be best for you to develop.

Julianne Ishler, an Enneagram coach, explained on Apartment Therapy that there are different ways you can approach your home habits based on your type. Altogether, there are eight different Enneagrams. Much like the Myers-Briggs personality test, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Using the different traits of each type, Ishler outlined the habits you should be trying, but emphasized that not all “good habits” work for everyone.

“A healthy habit isn’t about forcing behaviors,” Ishler wrote, “but rather, honoring your internal rhythms and natural patterns.”

Each type has a simple habit recommended by Ishler. For example, if you’re Type One, it’s best to avoid strict schedules because it’s likely you’ll feel as if you’ve done something “wrong” if you diverge from it.

For Type Fours, the habit is more about your workspace than what you’re actually doing. Ishler recommended that Fours create a beautiful workspace that lends itself to productivity, as they’re commonly driven more by feelings.

Want to find out which habit you should cultivate based on your Enneagram? Be sure to check out Ishler’s full breakdown.

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