Gallery Walls Are a Major Home Trend for 2021

A sunny living room with a large gallery wall of photos and prints.

Sure, maybe it doesn’t feel like 2021 is almost here, but we’re not far off. With new years come new trends, and, there are a multitude of 2021 design trends to anticipate. One of the easiest to achieve: a gallery wall.

Several design experts spoke with My Domaine about what designs they foresee getting big come 2021, and possibilities such as large fireplaces with a focus on coziness were suggested. But gallery walls may be one of the more doable options from the list. Sheyna Vilson, owner of Sheyna James Interiors, tells the outlet, “I [think] people are going to really embrace full-wall gallery walls to tell stories. Investing in art, displaying décor from travels, and displaying work of their own creates a curated vibe that will transcend any trend—it brings personality to the space. For families with kids, this could help bring some fun to the walls and encourage their kids to hang art on the wall instead of write on them.”

For those who have never created one of these decor staples, the process involves collecting various bits of artwork, frames, or even textures and fabrics, and arranging them based on everything from the theme to the color. The images can be placed in any pattern or shape that suits your area, and they provide an incredibly high level of customization. While fireplaces or art deco pieces may be big, the gallery wall gives you the biggest opportunity to create a trend of your own.

But if you’re curious about what the other designers saw coming in 2021, you can check out the full list here at My Domaine.

Shea Simmons Shea Simmons
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