Charcuterie Chalets Are a Thing

A tiny home is made from cheese, meat, nuts, and veggies.
Farm Curious/Instagram

Sure, you could make a gingerbread house this year or even a gingerbread turkey. But there are new construction ideas to be had as well: charcuterie chalets.

These food-based homes are, well, exactly what you’d expect. Whereas gingerbread houses are made from cookies, candy, and icing, charcuterie chalets utilize meats, crackers, and cheese to form homes. Some are actually quite elaborate. You can find fully manicured “lawns” covered in parmesan “snow,” “walkways” created courtesy of pistachios, “trees” composed of herbs, and “rose bushes” made of prosciutto.

These homes made from the traditional ingredients found in a charcuterie platter are gaining steam on Instagram among both businesses and everyday users. Farm Curious, a program that teaches urban dwellers how to produce their own food, created their own chalet on Instagram. As the season progresses, more of these are likely to continue popping up online.


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If you’re just not a fan of gingerbread but can’t get enough cheese in your life, these charcuterie chalets may be the holiday craft for you.

[Via House Beautiful]

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