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The 6 Best Stand Mixers for Batters, Doughs, and More

The Ankarsrum Original and Cuisinart 5.5-Quart stand mixers, and the settings on the Hamilton Beach four-quart standing mixer.
Ankarsrum/Cuisinart/Hamilton Beach

For all the bakers and home chefs out there who are dreaming of getting a gorgeous, heavy-duty stand mixer, what are you waiting for? Below, we’ve gathered the best stand mixers on the market, so there’s no reason why today can’t be the day you order one!

Think you don’t have room on your counter for yet another kitchen appliance? Think again! Stand mixers do so much more than mixing. You don’t have to be a baker to benefit from one of these workhorses. From juicing and grating, to stuffing sausage links and making pasta, these unique gadgets are worth every penny!

Below are our top picks, so you can find out why splurging on a stand mixer pays off tenfold.

Best Overall: KitchenAid Artisan Series Five-Quart

A KitchenAid mixer with freshly baked cookies in the background.

When people hear “stand mixer,” the ever-popular KitchenAid brand often comes to mind, and with good reason. These workhorses offer so much more than mixing and whipping and tend to go underutilized.

The KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer features a power hub fit for up to 12 different attachments. Knead pasta dough using the mixer’s dough hook, then roll it out using the pasta roller attachment to create a meal from scratch you’ll be proud of.

Grate and shred cheese like never before with the shredder attachment, or try your hand at sausage stuffing with the sausage grinder and stuffer attachment. The pay-off for this powerful appliance is so worth it if you love all things cooking.

The mixer offers 10 speed settings for mixing, kneading, and whipping. You’ll also love the tilt-head design, which is intended to allow plenty of access to the bowl for adding ingredients and scraping. Choose from 29 vibrant colors to match your style or kitchen décor.

Runner-Up: Cuisinart 5.5-Quart

A Cuisinart stand mixer with gorgeous pastries next to it.

If you’re looking for a solid stand mixer at a much friendlier price, the Cuisinart 5.5 quart is a reliable option. The powerful motor can handle heavy mixing tasks, and it offers a similar tilt-back head for access to the mixing bowl.

The Cuisinart also offers a handy splash guard to prevent splattering, and the mixer also features an outlet for multiple attachments, much like its rival. Foodies rave about this powerful stand mixer, which offers most of the same functions as expensive brands.

Choose from six gorgeous colors, and enjoy the whisk, dough hook, mixing paddle, and splash guard that all come with the sturdy machine.

Best Splurge: Ankarsrum Original Stainless Steel

A pristine Ankarsrum mixer filled with freshly squeezed orange juice, surrounded by oranges, limes and cold glasses of juice.

If you are looking for a top-notch Machine that’s both powerful and extraordinarily durable, the Ankarsrum is a fantastic choice. This 600-watt stand mixer is made from chrome and steel and can withstand even the heaviest doughs without overheating.

This Swedish mixer is a fantastic workhorse for kneading pounds of dough as it fits up to 21 cups of flour. The mixing attachments are gentle enough for gluten-free doughs, while the dough hook is sturdy enough for more substantial doughs. It’s the artisan baker’s dream.

This expertly crafted mixer offers various attachments (which can all be purchased separately) for grinding, slicing, blending, grating, and so much more.  Squeeze fresh oranges in the morning with the citrus press or whisk egg whites into a velvety meringue. The Ankarsrum a perfect buy for professionals and passionate home chefs alike.

Best Professional-Grade: KitchenAid Commercial Eight-Quart

The KitchenAid 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer and Accessories in Nickel.

Whether you’re opening the bakery of your dreams or need a new mixer for your restaurant, this large-capacity stand mixer is a fantastic option. The bowl-lift design offers stability and sturdy control even for heavier doughs and thick batters and holds up to eight pounds.

As a busy business owner, you need a reliable mixer that gets you consistent and professional results each time. This commercial countertop mixer is an excellent choice and will make early morning prep a breeze.

This KitchenAid Model is NSF-certified for commercial use and features a long bright orange cord to ensure you’re in compliance when the health inspector stops by.

Best for Beginners: Hamilton Beach Four-Quart

Someone using the Hamilton beach stand mixer, and the whip and hook attachments and plastic splash guard.
Hamilton Beach

If you have an aspiring chef in the home who’s always digging through your kitchen gadgets, perhaps it’s time they had their very own mixer. He or she can whip up batches of cookies or brownies or help with dinner by taking charge of those fluffy mashed potatoes.

The mixer is complete with a paddle attachment, whisk, dough hook, and a splash guard for even the messiest recipes. This beginner’s stand mixer offers a helpful guide attached to the mixer, perfect for anyone learning terms like “creaming” or “folding.” For around only $100, you really can’t go wrong.

Best Bargain: Aucma Stand Mixer

Someone mixing a batter with a red Aucuma stand mixer presented on the counter, with several ingredients and cooking gadgets surrounding it.

The Aucma stand mixer is a fantastic product at an incredibly reasonable price. Choose from seven lovely colors to match your kitchen décor, and enjoy using this multipurpose tool without breaking your bank.

It’s perfect for making cakes, bread, cookie doughs, muffins, and so much more. Like many other models, this mixer offers a tilt-head for access to the bowl, and the set comes with a dough hook, paddle, and whisk.

This Amazon’s Choice Mixer is perfect for anyone looking for a mixing sidekick they can rely on, or a beginner, hoping to craft tasty creations.

Whether you’ve always loved cooking or have recently become obsessed with creating your own delicious concoctions, a versatile stand mixer is any home chef’s dream.

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