Stop Avocados from Going Brown with This Viral Hack

A woman displays an avocado before placing it in lemon water to preserve it.

Sometimes, you just don’t manage to use an entire avocado no matter how much you love them, and the next day, you likely wake up to find a brown, unusable second half. Good news: there’s a viral avocado hack that’ll keep those fruits fresh.

TikTok user @jaxfoodhax posted her secret to freshness, and it all just takes a piece of Tupperware, a little water, and a dab of lemon juice. All you have to do is fill the container roughly half full of water, squeeze in some lemon juice, and lay the leftover half of your avocado core-down inside the mixture. Place it in the fridge, and come morning, you’ll be able to use the fruit sans brown spots.

@jaxfoodhaxHax Tip : keep cut avo’s fresh, green & delish #jfhx #fyp #foryou #foodhack♬ original sound – jaxfoodhax

The clever avocado trick isn’t her only one. After all, her TikTok is called Jax Food Hax. She gives many interesting and useful tutorials on her channel, such as how to: strip cilantro from its stems using a grater, create a creamy pesto pasta sauce, and make two-ingredient ice cream.

If you’re always on the hunt for fun food hacks, Jax’s TikTok may need to be your next follow.

[Via PopSugar]

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