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This Is the Most Popular Christmas Dish in Your State

A table set with a variety of Christmas dinner sides.
Kolpakova Svetlana/Shutterstock

Food is a core part of the holiday tradition and how the holiday table shapes up varies a lot from family to family. From those who prefer ham to people who must have green bean casserole, you likely won’t find two identical tables. But what is the most popular Christmas dish in each state?

At Delish, they decided to do a little digging, and explored which Christmas food is the most beloved in each state. While overall, the list is fairly diverse from state to state, some dishes were clearly more popular than others. Variations of beef seem to be the preferred main dish in several states, with prime rib and rib roast winning out in states like Alabama, Idaho, and Maine. In terms of desserts, gingerbread cookies and pies (like pumpkin and pecan) also popped up frequently on the list.

But there are some definite outliers. According to the data collected, Ohio loves lasagna, Nevada digs beef stew, and New Jersey craves fish as the main course. If you’re curious whether your state happens to prefer one of these out-of-the-box meals, you can check out the full findings over at Delish.

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