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Keep These 7 Workout Accessories in Your Office to Stay Motivated

Two women using dumbbells, a woman using a kettlebell, and a woman using resistance bands.
Crown Sporting Goods/Yes4All/INTEY

Weight loss journeys can be difficult, but just seeing the right equipment in your home every day can be really motivational. And these don’t have to be huge gym machines that take up a ton of space, either. Below are some of our favorite compact workout accessories to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

A home office is actually a fantastic place to keep your workout equipment. If it’s all right there and visible instead of tucked away in a closet, it’ll remind you to work out whenever you get a break.

Below are some of our fave compact workout accessories.

Mini Stair Stepper

Visual of the mini stair stepper with resistance bands.
Sunny Health & Fitness

The mini stair stepper is compact, so it doesn’t take up much space like bulkier exercise equipment. It’s easy to use, without a power button or any electricity needed. You maight need to change a battery for the LCD display, which shows step count, how much time you’ve been using it, your speed, and  calories burned.

We’ve found the mini stair stepper to be easy on the knees and help with posture, and it definitely helps you increase the steps you’re getting in each day.


The ThighmAster Gold, ButtMaster, and the "Toning System Workout" DVD.
Suzanne Somers

The ThighMaster was a staple of the ’90s, with infomercials featuring actress Suzanne Somers. Surprisingly, the thing works if you use it enough, and it’s definitely easy to use. This thing is great because you can use it even when you’re sitting at your desk or watching TV.

Not only does it work for legs, but it can help build arm muscles, too. You just grab the handles, hold it above your head or in front of you at arm’s length, and squeeze. There are also knockoffs that work pretty well, just be sure to check the customer reviews.

You can still get the official ThighMaster, though, along with the ButtMaster and a workout DVD featuring Somers.

Small Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells and a woman lifting two seven-pound weights.
Crown Sporting Goods

A set of training dumbbells is a must if you want to work on your arms. We recommend using 1-3 pound weights when doing walk-in-place or dance/cardio workouts. You can jump to 7-8 lbs. when focusing on your arms.

You can get a set of hand weights for an affordable price. Having multiple weight variations allows you to increase how much you’re lifting as you develop those muscles.

Ankle Weights

The GYMENIST Adjustable Ankle Weight Set.

Resistance can make a big difference when it comes to building or toning muscle. A pair of adjustable ankle weights are great to use when walking and when doing leg exercises, helping you build muscles while losing weight.

Even just wearing them around the house while you’re doing chores is beneficial. This particular pair of ankle weights come with weight bars you can remove and add back in, so you can begin with a lighter weight and work your way up.


A man and woman using Yes4All kettlebells in a gym.

If you don’t have any dumbbells, you can get away with a set of kettlebells alone. There are a ton of exercises you can do with these, from those that focus on your arms and legs, to workouts for your core.

You can do basic kettlebell or arm exercises, or even use them when you do squats for some extra resistance. They’re easier to hold than dumbbells, which makes them excellent for workouts that require you to swing your arms.

Resistance Bands

The INTEY Resistance Band Set and a woman using them while doing squats.

Speaking of resistance, a good set of resistance bands helps you use your own body as kind of a weight, which is perfect for arm and leg exercises. This set from INTEY offers various amounts of resistance.

You can alter them based on your needs, whether you’re working your legs or need an anchor. Even a diverse set of resistance bands won’t take up much space, either. You can fit them all in a bag or hang them up.

Yoga Mat and Accessories

Gray seven-piece Yoga mat set.

Yoga mats aren’t just for yoga. It makes a great place to walk in place or do your aerobic workouts, adding more comfort. If you are a fan of yoga, a yoga strap and blocks will also come in handy and don’t take up too much space.

This yoga gear set from BalanceFrom has everything you need to enjoy yoga, including a nice, cushioned mat you can use for other workouts, as well. The towels also come in handy when you’re sweating off those pounds!

When you keep all your workout gear right next to your desk, just seeing it can help you stay motivated. These compact exercise accessories will make it even easier to sweat off those pounds whenever you’re on a break.

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