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11 Gifts That Enhance the Wine Drinking Experience

Three wine accessories, from left to right: an insulated glass, a wine chiller, and a bottle-top aerator.

When buying a gift for someone who loves wine, opt for something more unique than just a bottle. These gifts will enhance the wine drinking experience—and they’re fun.

Drinking wine can be as simple as opening a bottle and pouring out a glass. But there are also plenty of products out there that can elevate even an inexpensive bottle of wine and make it taste so much better.

These are the kind of products worth looking into if you aren’t sure what to buy the vino lover in your life. Sure, it’s always nice to receive a bottle of wine as a gift, but the below options feel a little more special and personal, and they’ll be able to use them for a long time. Check out the gifts below to enhance someone’s at-home wine experience.

Ullo  Wine Purifier

An Ullo wine purifier resting on a glass with wine pouring through it.

Most bottles of wine contain a certain amount of sulfites, compounds that are meant to preserve wine and make it last longer. But sulfites bother many people and can lead to headaches, digestive issues, and even respiratory irritation, especially for those who are sensitive to sulfites.

The Ullo Wine Purifier is one of the only products on the market that can actually easily remove sulfites from your wine. It’s placed on top of your wine glass (or even over a decanter), and then someone pours wine through it. The filter catches sulfites and sediment while restoring the natural taste.

It also acts as an aerator, which helps bring out the flavors of your wine. On top of all that, it looks sleek, it’s small and compact, and it’s super easy to use. This is an awesome gadget for anyone who loves to drink wine.

Ullo Wine Purifier

All the great flavor without the sulfite headache to go with it.

Vinglace Wine Chiller

A Vinglace wine chiller sitting on a table with fruit and wine.

Know someone who prefers white wine or rosé that is perfectly chilled? The fake ice cubes and similar gadgets don’t always work that well, but something like this Vinglace Wine Chiller gets the job done and it’s very nice to look at.

This vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel canister holds an already chilled bottle of wine, keeping it at the perfect temperature whether you’re sitting it outside or inside. The user chills their bottle of wine, then places it in here so they don’t have to continue to go to the fridge each time they want to pour another glass. This is great for people who regularly have company over—or just want the convenience for themselves!

Think of it like a Thermos for your entire wine bottle.

Vintorio Wine Aerator and Pourer

A bottle of wine should always be given the chance to breathe so it can taste its best, but we don’t always have time for that. An aerator is an easy way to get the optimal taste of wine without sitting around waiting for it to get there on its own.

With over 7,000 positive reviews on Amazon, the Vintorio Wine Aerator and Pourer is a favorite among wine drinkers. It’s easy to use because it simply attaches to the bottle of wine, and it works really well: the aerating chamber and air intake system infuse the perfect amount of oxygen into wine, and you can see the bubbles as it pours through (you want bubbles).

It also makes it easy to pour a perfect glass without spilling it, and taking it apart to clean it is a breeze.

Vintorio Wine Aerator and Pourer

This gives wine the perfect amount of oxygen to make it taste its best.

Corkcicle Triple Insulated Wine Glass

Looking for a smaller, less expensive gift option? Try the Corkcicle Triple Insulated Wine Glass, which is perfect for wine drinkers who like to take their vino on the go (I personally love using mine at the beach).

This has flat sides that are easy to grip onto, a non-slip bottom so it stays put, and a sliding lid so nothing spills. It’s also triple insulated to keep your glass at the perfect temperature so it doesn’t get lukewarm. It comes in a ton of different color options as well—and, of course, it can be used for anything, not just wine!

Corkcicle Triple Insulated Wine Glass

This keeps wine at the right temperature and is spill-proof.

Coravin Timeless Three SL Wine Preservation System

Coravin Model 3 SmartClamp Wine Preservation System

Probably the most frustrating thing about opening a bottle of wine is that it kind of needs to be finished right away—a bottle is usually only good for a few days before the oxygen alters the taste and promotes bacteria growth.

That’s why this Coravin Timeless Three SL Wine Preservation Sysem is so cool (and worth the money). The patented system allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without removing the cork. The system goes around the bottleneck, a super thin needle penetrates the cork so wine can come out, and then the cork naturally reseals itself to preserve the wine inside.

In other words, whoever owns this can enjoy just one glass of wine, then set aside the bottle to finish it whenever they want. Genius!

Secura Electric Wine Opener

Is a manual wine opener really that difficult to figure out? For some of us (myself included), yes! An electric wine opener is super convenient and takes away any of the guesswork—along with the possibility of breaking the cork.

This Secura Electric Wine Opener is an excellent inexpensive option. It works like a charm, going over your wine bottle and easily and gently pulling out the cork with just the touch of a button. It comes with a base to recharge it, which is a nice way to store it, although one charge will open 30 bottles of wine. It’s compact, sleek, and also comes with a foil cutter. I have one of these, and I absolutely love it, and can confirm it would make an excellent gift!

Secura Electric Wine Opener

Make it easier for them to open up a bottle of wine.

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

A bottle of opened champagne doesn’t last as long as a bottle of opened red or white wine, because it can quickly get flat, and what’s the point without the bubbles?

The Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer is a handy option for champagne lovers. The air-tight, food-safe rubber seal goes around the bottle crown to lock in carbonation and preserve the flavor and finish of opened bottles of champagne and sparkling wine for days. This makes it easy to enjoy just one or two glasses of champagne without wasting a bottle.

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Preserve opened champagne or sparkling water for days with this seal.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

A small and inexpensive option that makes a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift is this Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump. With over 8,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it seems to be an effective little gadget that people love.

This goes onto an opened bottle of wine, the user pumps it a few times, and it removes the excess air from the bottle of wine. Removing that oxygen keeps the bottle fresh and tasting great for up to 10 days, when the included stoppers are kept on the bottle of wine. It’s so easy to use, it’s small for easy storage, and according to reviewers, it really does work.

Pump the air out of a bottle of wine to keep it fresh longer.

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Keeping wine at the right temperature is an important part of making it last. Wine refrigerators can get pretty pricey, but they do make a really great splurge gift.

This Antarctic Star Wine Cooler is a perfect example. Available in three different size options, it keeps wine at the ideal temperature, light, and humidity levels. The reinforced glass door has an airtight seal and the blue soft LED lighting inside won’t damage the wine. It’s very quiet, with no vibration, and it has adjustable legs and a movable rack.

Help them keep their wine at the ideal temperature.

Corkcicle Air

Corkcicle Air

The Corkcicle Air is another really great way to chill your wine without making it watery or without having to leave it in the refrigerator. You chill the Corkcicle itself in the freezer, then it goes into the bottle of wine to keep it nice and crisp without diluting it.

And, as a bonus, this works as an aerator and pourer as well. The pour-through top aerates the wine to make it taste its best, while the pourer prevents annoying spills from happening. This is so easy to store (it can even just be left in the freezer when not in use so it’s ready to go), and works really well.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

A wine bottle is designed to keep air from easily getting in so that the wine lasts longer, which is great—but if you really want to aerate your wine and let oxygen in so that it tastes better, you should use a decanter.

This Le Chateau Wine Decanter is a beautiful and affordable option that makes a really thoughtful gift. It gives the wine plenty of breathing room, and an entire bottle of wine can fit in there with optimal breathing space. It has a slanted spout for an easy pour, and it’s really impressive looking to boot.

Allow an entire bottle of wine to breathe with this decanter.

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