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8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for People with PCOS

From left to right: a yoga mat, organic dark chocolate, and a Crock Pot.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder in women. A diagnosis can be frustrating, and while your love is the best gift, these products will offer support to anyone who’s struggling with it.

An Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for overall health and well-being. This water bottle is BPA-free, which prevents the hormone disrupter from adding even more complications for someone who’s already dealing with PCOS.

With two lid options and two glass straws included, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a drink from this vacuum-insulated bottle. You can also choose from 15 colors and patterns and get the one that’s sure to brighten your friend’s day every time she uses it.

Spearmint Tea

Spearmint  tea is tasty has also been shown to help with PCOS symptoms. It can also help reduce testosterone levels, which tend to be higher in women with PCOS.

Pair a box of this with a cute mug (check out our pick below) or a personalized card. This brand is well-rated and promises a delicious cup each time.

An Inspirational Mug

Any medical issue brings frustration and fear into someone’s life. Remind your friend how amazing she is with an inspirational mug.

While drinking her spearmint tea (see above), she’ll be uplifted by the beautiful design and message. There are three additional messages you can choose from, so pick the one that will resonate most with your friend.

A Yoga Mat

PCOS often leads to weight gain. Exercise can help, and this mat will give your friend a cute spot to work out on at home. It’ll be really helpful on those days when she isn’t feeling up to going to the gym, but still wants to get in a quick sweat session.

It’s nonslip and has a textured surface for ultimate comfort and safety while working out. Plus, it’s easy to clean and made from eco-friendly materials!

A Slow Cooker

Fatigue and depression are common side effects of PCOS. A slow cooker takes some of the pressure off of cooking. Your friend can quickly prep dinner, and then forget about it for the rest of the day.

This model holds up to six quarts and makes meals large enough to serve over seven people. It’s great for moms or meal-preppers. The user-friendly design also makes it easy to pass dinner responsibilities on to a spouse or child (wink-wink).

A Personal Blender

As we mentioned above, PCOS can lead to weight gain and, in some cases, even diabetes, as high insulin levels often contribute to the illness. A healthy diet is important to manage these risks, and a personal blender is an easy way to whip up a nutrient-packed smoothie.

This blender’s compact design also makes the perfect portion size for one person. It’s perfect for the home or office. Don’t underestimate it based on its size, though—the powerful stainless-steel blades will crush everything from frozen fruit to ice cubes for a super-smooth drink.

Natural Deodorant

The toxins found in many household products can make PCOS symptoms worse and mess with hormones even more. One way to help your friend start removing harmful chemicals from her daily life is to gift her some natural deodorant.

This brand has thousands of positive ratings. Many people swear it’s the best natural deodorant on the market. It will keep her smelling fresh all day, and it doesn’t contain any aluminum, parabens, or phthalates.

You also might want to include a note that you’re not trying to send a message with this gift, though.

Dark Chocolate

PCOS is attributed to many factors, and one potential cause is excess insulin. Dark chocolate helps with insulin resistance, so encourage your friend to indulge in a little.

This all-natural brand doesn’t contain any additives, like refined sugar or emulsifiers. Each bar is vegan, paleo, and organic. The company also only uses fair-trade cacao and cocoa butter, so you can feel good about purchasing it, too.

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