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Stay Motivated All Year with These 9 Inspiring Products

Examples of motivational items like a day planner and advice cards.
Clever Fox/Oriday/Navy Peony

Whether you’re looking for motivation at the gym, your job, or just to power through towards your goals, we’ve rounded up some cute (and helpful!) motivational items to keep you on track. From wearables and workout gear, to desk displays and mugs with encouraging quotes, we’ll help you find a little extra inspiration!

Sure you could just use a plain old water bottle or planner that isn’t super extra with a bunch of sticker flair… but who doesn’t need a little cheerful pick-me-up? Below you’ll find some useful and uplifting motivational items that’ll help keep your motivation high all year long.

Grab a Water Bottle That Cheers You On

Venture Pal Motivational Water Bottles.
Venture Pal

It’s easy to get distracted with daily life and forget to drink enough water. If you’re trying to increase your water consumption or just remember to drink it throughout the day, these motivational bottles from Venture Pal could help.

They’re leak-proof, have a strap for easy carrying, and are also BPA-free. They also feature motivational reminders to drink your water on the side and come in a ton of color options.

Push Through That Routine with Motivational Yoga Towels

Two Luzia yoga towels featuring motivational sayings.

Sticking with any fitness routine isn’t always easy. And have you seen some of those yoga positions? There are plenty of yoga towels out there with motivational sayings, but one that reminds you what you’re doing it all for will provide the most inspiration.

This two-pack of motivational yoga towels from Luzia will help you stay positive and focused, and remind you to “Inhale the future and exhale the past roll,” and remember that “the body achieves what the mind believes.” Plus, you can use them to wipe off all that sweat after your cooldown.

Wear Your Inspiration with These Bracelets

Motivational Bracelets

While many of the items on this list are more functional, a wristband with a positive reminder on it is a great accessory for anyone working on bettering themselves.

This collection of silicone wristbands from Solza offers six different affirmations in different colors, so you have something for every mood or outfit. They’ll remind you that you’re strong, beautiful, loved, and more!

Reward Yourself with Motivational Stickers

Oriday stickers in a journal with some pink hand weights nearby.

If you loved stickers as a child, there’s a good chance you still like them as an adult. Like getting a gold star on your homework, stickers can be extremely motivational.

These six sheets of motivational stickers from Oriday will push you to reach your fitness goals and offer reminders to get moving. They’re perfect for your calendar or journal.

Use This Amazing Planner to Stick with Your Routine

Some entries in the monthly review of a Clever Fox planner.
Clever Fox

Need a new planner? Why not invest in one that’s a little “extra,” like this premium planner from Clever Fox. It’s an amazingly motivational weekly planner that encourages you to review each month at the end and take stock of your accomplishments.

Whether you’re trying to stay on top of a busy work schedule, or you just want to plan your weight-loss strategy, you can’t go wrong with this option! It also includes motivational stickers and prompts.

Enjoy Daily Motivation with This Calendar

RYVE Motivational spiral page-a-day calendars.

A desktop calendar filled with inspiration and motivational quotes offers a daily reminder to love yourself and be grateful. And all you have to do is sit down at your desk and flip the page!

This desk calendar from RYVE is packed full of inspiration, affirmations, and even questions to get you reflecting on your inner self. This one is winter-themed, but you can get these in the color scheme that corresponds with your favorite season.

Grab a Stress Ball to Help You Focus

Three stress balls with motivational quotes.
Stress Less

You won’t know what a huge difference a stress ball at your desk can make until you have one! Whether you want something to fidget with while working at your desk and you really want to crush it hard to relieve a little stress, these durable stress balls are the ticket. Naturally, they have motivational quotes on them to help keep your focus.

Enjoy Your Hot Drinks with a Warm Quote

A woman sitting in bed and holding the "you've got this" mug.

Whether your day begins with a hot cup of coffee or green tea, this wonderfully designed mug from SipNBloom will help ensure that you get a positive start.

Crafted from bone china, this large mug holds up to 12 ounces. It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe. Available in blue or pink, it’s also dual-sided, so you’ll get your dose of motivation no matter which way you set it down.

Check Out These Daily Affirmation Cards

Motivational cards sitting on a table.

Whether you need your inspiration at home or on the go, these Daily Advice Inspirational Cards from Navy Peony will give you affirmations to help with any situation.

The 47 cards come in a cute, compact box that’s easy to carry around or keep in your car. They’re also made from 100% recycled paper.

If you want to add a little more motivation to your work or workout, these items offer an easy, affordable way to do it. Unsure what goals to set for yourself this year? Check these out for a bit of inspiration!

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