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This Viral Plastic Wrap Hack Will Prevent It from Sticking Together

Three photos show a woman demonstrating what happens when you put plastic wrap in the freezer.

If you’ve ever pulled plastic wrap off its roll only to have it irreversibly stick together, this new viral hack is for you.

TikTok user @officialtiktoknurse discovered a trick to stop plastic wrap from sticking to itself courtesy of her aunt. In her video, she explains she was working on her meal prep and covering one of the pots with Saran Wrap when her aunt asked if she knew it was supposed to go in the freezer.

While seemingly skeptical, she went forward with her aunt’s trick and placed the wrap in her freezer overnight. She then reaches inside, grabs the roll of plastic wrap and rolls out a bit before scrunching it up with her hand. And the hack works. She’s able to easily pull it apart after smashing it together—an act that would have been nearly impossible before.

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While the jury is still out on whether or not the wrap will be able to seal a container as well when cold, the hack is definitely worth a try if you’ve ever had the unfortunate task of trying to rescue your scrunched-up plastic wrap.

[Via Delish]

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