Sam’s Is Selling Half-Pound Reese’s Cups

A pound and a half of Reese's Cups are available at Sam's.

If its dog or wine advent calendars weren’t enough to convince you to go holiday shopping at Sam’s Club, the latest fan discovery might. Sam’s is selling a pound and a half pack of Reese’s Cups that feature 3 half-pound monster cups.

Instagram user @foodwiththebeasts discovered the chocolate and peanut butter miracle while shopping at their local Sam’s Club. The holiday-edition Reese’s Cups are in the brand’s classic shape (so no nutcrackers or trees) and come in packs of thee. Inside, each individual cup weighs a whopping half a pound making the entire box a pound and a half of Reese’s. While the Instagram user didn’t list the price, according to the Sam’s website, the gift retails for $13.48.

You will, however, have to head into your local Sam’s Club to get the massive Reese’s Cups. They’re currently sold out online. But good news: you do have other options. There’s a 1 pound Reese’s Santa on sale at Wal-Mart, and you can always opt for the new Reese’s nutcracker shapes instead.

The moral of this story: there’s a lot of chocolate and peanut butter goodies out there for the holidays, and you should get some.

[Via Delish]

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