You Can Buy Baby Yoda Cocoa Bombs

A Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb is now for sale.

The biggest food trend of 2020 and one of the most beloved characters from the Star Wars universe have teamed up. While sure, it sounds weird, the Baby Yoda hot cocoa bombs the team-up produced will be on your holiday wishlist.

If you’re not familiar with hot cocoa bombs, they’re essentially an Instagram-worthy way to drink hot chocolate this season. The bombs are actually round, hollow balls of chocolate that you place in a mug and pour hot milk over. The ball will melt, creating hot cocoa and typically, there are marshmallows stored inside.

The same is true of the Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb. These creations have the same design, except that inside, you’ll find a large marshmallow shaped like The Child that’ll come floating to the top.


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The product appears to be made by brand Galerie and is for sale at Kroger stores, the Galerie website (though it’s now sold out), and through Galerie retailers on Amazon. As for the price, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer at just $3.99.

If there are Star Wars fans in your life, this tiny and tasty present may be perfect for them.

[Via Delish]

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