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Pizza Hut Made a Weighted Blanket—Yes, Really

A couple sit on a couch eating pizza under a pizza patterned weighted blanket.
Gravity Blanket/Pizza Hut

Hardcore pizza lovers, your time has come. Pizza Hut’s weight blanket has arrived, and yes, it does look like the famous dish. But don’t worry, it’s not scratch and sniff.

The iconic pizza chain teamed up with weighted blanket brand Gravity Blanket to create its very own version of the product. The blanket retails for $150 and weighs 15 pounds. Like the famous pan pizza it’s inspired by, the blanket is round and patterned to look as if it’s covered in cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. Plus, it’s massive. At 72 inches, it’s roughly the size of a Queen or King bedspread, so you’ll probably have to share, but hey, it’s big enough.

A woman lies on the floor covered in a pizza-patterned weighted blanket
Pizza Hut/Gravity Blanket

The bad news? Unfortunately, the blanket is currently sold out. However, Gravity Blanket does seem to be hosting a restock sometime soon. You can head over to their site now and sign up for the restock waitlist (or … weight list) to be one of the first notified when it comes back.

Until then, there are still tons of weighted blankets you can try before getting the most delicious one of them all.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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