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Don’t Do This to Your Houseplants in Winter

A living room is decorated with white furniture and several green houseplants.

In what’s likely not a shocking thing to hear, your houseplants aren’t winter weather’s biggest fans. From getting blasted by dry heated air to a lack of moisture in the air, those plant babies are unhappy. And there’s one thing you shouldn’t do to your houseplants this winter.

While there’s a long list of ways to care for your plants—like getting a humidifier and being careful of how you regulate your space’s temperature—the not-do-to items are less common. So what shouldn’t you do? Turns out, adding fertilizer and repotting is out of the question during the colder weather. While you may notice that your houseplants are growing less and may be tempted to help them out a bit by adding fertilizer or giving your larger sized plants a bigger home, it’s a no-go.

Now, this isn’t because you’re going to kill your plant by doing it. Repotting or adding a bit of fertilizer won’t kill your plant (or shouldn’t, at least), but what it does is waste your time, energy, and fertilizer as plants don’t absorb as many nutrients in winter. Instead, stick to your usual routine until the weather warms up.

And if you want some tips on the things you should be doing this winter, you can check out Apartment Therapy’s full guide on taking care of your plants this winter.

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