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This Parchment Paper Hack Gives You a Clean Edge Every Time

Three photos show a woman tearing a piece of parchment paper cleanly from the roll.

Most of the time, if you’re looking to use a piece of parchment paper, you’ll probably end up cutting it with scissors or getting the world’s most jagged-edged tear. But, turns out, there’s a hack for getting a clean parchment paper edge, and all it requires is the box the stuff comes in.

TikTok user @unsofisticated starts her video asking viewers if they know that you’re not supposed to keep the top of the parchment container out while you use the serrated edge to tear it. As she does so, the parchment tears but comes out with a jagged edge and overall is pretty difficult to get separated from the roll. She then goes on to explain that the top lid of the roll is meant to be tucked into the container. Once she does so and rips a new piece of parchment, it comes off cleanly and easily for the perfect straight edge. She then holds up the two different pieces, looks at the camera, and asks, “Did anyone else know that?”

@unsofisticatedDid i miss this tip♬ original sound – Sofia Shanahan

But this isn’t the first TikTok hack that’s gone viral as of late—particularly when it comes to kitchen items. There’s everything from a new way to store your plastic wrap to how to keep avocados fresh after you cut them. If you’ve been curious about how to improve something in your home, it may seem strange, but you may want to head to TikTok.

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