Oreo Candles Are a Thing Now

An Oreo-themed candle.

Do you always pick up the baked-good candles when out shopping for home fragrances? Well, there’s a new one on the block. While it may seem unconventional, an Oreo candle may be exactly what you need to make your home feel cozy.

The candle, created by the brand itself (so it’s official), smells just like the chocolate and cream cookie, and it’s designed to look like one, too. The single-wick is made of white wax and has a matte-black jar. Get it? Cream on the inside, cookie on the outside? Plus, Oreo’s instantly recognizable pattern and logo are stamped onto the front. It’s up for grabs on the Oreo website and retails for just $12.99.

There’s a little bit of bad news, though. The candle is currently sold out, but don’t lose hope quite yet—there’s a restock. You can head over to the site now and sign up for the brand’s email list to be one of the first notified when it happens.

However, if you just can’t wait, you can always grab one of Bath & Body Works’ bakery-themed candles or hop on over to Dunkin’ for a coffee-and-doughnut-scented burner. No matter what though, there’s bound to be some sweet-smelling scent out there for you.

Shea Simmons Shea Simmons
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