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Get Inspired to Write More Letters With These Stationery Collections

Examples of different kinds of stationary and postcards.
Hallmark/Princeton Architectural Press/OFNMY

December 7 is Letter Writing Day—to celebrate, why not order some stationery to send a note or two to friends near and far. Here are some great stationery collections to get you started.

Beautiful Cards With a Classic Look

Crane & Co. makes cards and stationery that are delightfully beautiful, and this set of peacock feather cards have a classic look with a wonderful pop of color. These hand-engraved cards will light up the day for whomever you send them to. They’re pretty enough to frame and hang on the wall.

Crane & Co. Hand Engraved Peacock Feather Note (RF1412),Ecruwhite

The gold engraved cards have an understated beauty.

Opt for a Classic Monogram Look

If fancy feathers aren’t your thing, go for a more simplistic classic look with monogrammed cards. Whether you opt for the aqua blue cards or pick one of the many other colors, these cards will impress anyone you write to. They have a professional look without being too stuffy.

Simple but Elegant Blank Cards

Hallmark Gold Lined Blank Cards in Box

These blank cards could definitely be described as a simple design, but the gold foil lines give them a sort of elegance. These quality cards come from Hallmark.

Hallmark Blank Cards, Gold Foil Lines (10 Cards with Envelopes)

The Hallmark cards have a simple design that's great for writing to friends.

Try an Elegant Look With Paper Instead

While blank cards offer a good deal of room for writing letters inside, if you prefer writing your letters on paper, this feather series from Leoyoubei is an elegant option. The white paper is lightly lined and includes beautiful gold embellishments.

If you enjoy writing with colored gel pens, you can get the same design in black paper as well. Both sets include stickers with messages such as “Thank you.”

Dress It up With Personalized Note Cards

Note card with person's name on it.
Fairmont & Grove

If you want something that looks professional, but you don’t have a lot to say, the personalized note cards from Fairmont & Grove may be the perfect option for you. Not only can you get your full name on these cards, but you also get to pick your preferred ink color. You can also choose between a few different envelope colors.

Add a Little Vintage Flair

This collection of tattered and worn-looking cards and envelopes are perfect if you enjoy a vintage look. While the envelopes are basic white, the cards themselves offer looks of old wallpaper in various designs.

Send a Positive Message

A greeting card that reads "You're Amazing."
Best Paper Greetings

Who couldn’t use a little extra positivity this year? Remind your friends and family how awesome they are by sending them a handwritten note on one of these beautifully colored inspirational cards.

Get Eco-Friendly With Recycled Cards

A person writing a note on a tree-free card.
Tree-Free Greetings

Want to celebrate Letter Writing Day in an environmentally friendly way? You can do so by picking this set of eco-friendly tree-free cards. Ecologically printed in the USA, both cards and envelopes are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper!

You Can Also Send Plantable Stationery

You can also send people a letter with a little something extra in the mail when you pick stationery that’s made with flower seeds in it. Once they’ve read your letter, they can plant the card and see something beautiful pop up in their yard within a few months. Each card includes a little note on it to let the receiver know to plant it but leaves ample space for writing your message.

Handmade Seeded Plantable Recycled Note Paper 100 Sheets 6 x 4 Inches

Send the gift of recycling and flower growing with these note paper sheets.

Send Floral Postcards Instead of Flowers

Botanical postcards stacked around the box they come in.
Princeton Architectural Press

If the person you’re writing to isn’t a green thumb, but they still love flowers, why not send them a beautiful flower postcard in place of real flowers? These postcards are filled with artistic botanical delights.

Flower Box: 100 Postcards by 10 artists

Send a note with the joys of botanical art on the other side - perfect for framing.

Artistic Stationery and Envelope Set

Anyone would enjoy receiving a letter written on this stationery. With matching envelopes, each sheet looks like a gorgeous piece of watercolor art. The set also comes with fake wax seals to add to the whimsy.

Whether you’re being kept away by a pandemic or by distance, a handwritten letter in the mail shows the people in your life that they matter and that you’re thinking of them.

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