This Light-Up Carriage Turns Your Lawn into a Cinderella Wonderland

You can buy a light-up horse and carriage at home depot.
Home Depot

Every year, there’s no shortage of holiday decor items—from blow-up Santas to the classic hanging icicle lights. But now, thanks to a giant light-up carriage, you can turn your lawn into a Cinderella-themed wonderland.

The carriage is available at Home Depot, is nearly five feet tall, and comes with its own light-up horse. While it doesn’t exactly resemble Cinderella’s more pumpkin-shaped version, it is grand with scalloped golden accents on the top, a silver body, gold-outlined windows, and golden wheels. Add in a white horse with a collar of jingle bells, and it’s basically what the Disney princess would for a winter wedding.

Home Depot is selling a light-up horse drawn carriage for the holidays.
Home Depot

If you want to reenvision your holiday decor into a Disney theme, the carriage and horse will run you $199. Given that you’re technically getting two pieces, it’s not a bad deal. Unfortunately, though, it is currently sold out. For those who can wait a bit, though, you can sign up to be notified when it returns. But if you can’t, there’s plenty of other options at the home goods store including a six-foot tall iridescent snowman that will make you feel like you have your very own Olaf.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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