Sorry, Marie Kondo, Maximalist Trees Are in This Christmas

A heavily decorated Christmas tree embodying the maximalist decorating style.

For some folks, a Christmas tree is merely an aesthetic. A minimalist masterpiece with single strands of white lights and uniformly shaped ornaments. And that’s fine; to each, their own. According to some top holiday designers, though, maximalist Christmas trees are where it’s at this year.

People were embracing the minimalist lifestyles before Marie Kondo came on the scene. This year, even more people were clearing out closets and organizing spaces thanks to The Home Edit.

But according to Jenny Reimold, HomeGoods style expert and contributing writer for HGTV, those trends haven’t crossed over to holiday decor. Reimold told Forbes that maximalism is the name of the game in 2020 (but yes, you can still have a theme).

She recommends choosing your tree before planning your theme, and she has a few decorating tips as well. If you add your topper first, you can determine the balance of ornaments you’ll need. If you also start at the top and as far inside the tree as possible when placing ornaments, you can work your way out and down.

After all, the theme is maximalism—the more ornaments you can stuff inside that tree, the better!

For more 2020 holiday decor tips and tricks, be sure to check out all the experts’ suggestions.

[Via Forbes]

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