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14 Pieces of Holiday Decor You Can Order Right Now Off Amazon

Left to right: festive holiday lanterns, a glowing wire-frame reindeer, and a Christmas tree.
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There’s still time to make your home look more festive! Here are some great pieces of holiday decor from Amazon that you can order right now.

Decorating for the holiday season doesn’t have to be expensive … but it often is. Despite the fact that Christmas-themed decorations are only on view for a month, maybe a month and a half, many of them are pretty pricey.

On top of that, it’s not easy to buy them at the last minute. Because Christmas decor starts going on sale in October in some places, once December arrives it becomes almost impossible to find anything good in the stores. If you waited until the last possible moment to decorate or just need some extra items, check out these from Amazon. They’re convenient, adorable, and will arrive just in time.

Sweet Water Decor Cinnamon Rolls Candle

A candle that smells like Christmas in wax form and looks cute is an easy piece of decor that you’ll definitely get some use out of. This Sweet Water Decor Cinnamon Rolls Candle smells like Christmas morning, but it’s versatile because it can really be put out throughout the entire winter. The minimalist design with the cute font means it can pair well with any other decor and just looks adorable.

Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Reindeer

At 5ft tall and with a realistic 3D design, this Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Reindeer will stand out on your front lawn as a nice accent to sparkling Christmas lights. It comes in a glittery champagne color that manages to look kind of chic for a holiday decoration, and it’s super bright. Reviewers say it’s great quality with an easy assembly, and it’s durable—so while the price isn’t exactly low, it should last you years.

OuMuaMua Hanging Snowflake Decorations

The best Christmas decorations are the ones that can be used throughout the entire winter and don’t need to be taken down in early January. These OuMuaMua Hanging Snowflakes are one great example—they would look cute hanging in a window way past Christmas. This set comes with 12 pieces of 3D snowflakes that are waterproof and sturdy rather than flimsy. They’re easy to assemble and they’ll definitely last more than one season.

KI Store 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Have you completely procrastinated buying a tree? Spring for this KI Store 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree. It might not smell like a fresh evergreen, but it doesn’t require watering or any special treatment and will last you years instead of just one month. Even more convenient: Iit comes with string lights, a big set of ornaments, ribbons, bows, and cotton balls so that you have everything you need to decorate it yourself.

The tree itself is surprisingly realistic looking, and reviewers love how beautiful it looks when it’s all put together. It will definitely last a long time, and this entire set is great for the price.

LampLust Pre-lit Garland

Garland is such an easy way to spruce up (no pun intended!) pretty much any surface in your house. All you have to do is lay it down, and it instantly makes any space look more festive and pretty. This LampLust Pre-lit Garland is also already strung with LED lights, so it will give off a really beautiful glow. It’s slightly flocked and has pearl berries for a glittery look, and it’s battery operated for the easiest set-up ever.

Twinkle Star 49ft String Lights

During Christmas season, pretty much any set of lights can be called Christmas lights. These Twinkle Star String Lights definitely have a festive vibe to them, but they are also adorable enough to be used pretty much any time of year. Use these outdoors or indoors—they’re waterproof and energy saving. They also have different modes that are fun to play around with—you could give them a slow fade, a twinkle flash, or just leave them on (there are eight different modes altogether).

RY King Battery Operated Flameless Candles

There’s just something about flickering candlelight all over your home that reminds one of Christmas. But real candles are not only annoying to light and blow out individually, but they’re also a safety hazard. Fake candles, like these RY King Battery Operated Flameless Candles, are a more convenient and safe option that look surprisingly authentic.

The best thing about these is that they’re remote-controlled, so you don’t have to go up to each one to turn it on or off, and they also can be set with a timer. The battery life of each one is approximately 300 hours. This set comes with nine candles in various sizes.

National Tree Company Artificial Wreath

A decorated wreath is a classic piece of holiday decor that you really can’t go wrong with. This National Tree Company Artificial Wreath is easier than a fresh wreath because you can just put it up and not worry about it after that. It’s also pre-lit, with flocked branches for that pretty snow-dusted look, red berries for a pop of color, and pinecones for a more authentic feel.

DII Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Snowman Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a fun way to count down to Christmas (even if you’re not starting right at the beginning, and this Hanging Snowman Advent Calendar doubles as a really cute piece of decor as well. It’s made of wood, so it can be hung outside or inside. Moving the carrot nose will help you count down as you get closer to December 25 (something kids weirdly love to do), and the glittery accents make this really stand out.

Minetom Store Lighted Outdoor Snowman

Lacking any real snow to build an actual snowman? Decorate with this Minetom Store Lighted Outdoor Snowman. At 4ft tall, it’s a great height, perfect for your front lawn or by your front door. It’s lit with glittering lights for a glowing look at night, and it has the cutest little scarf and hat. It’s also extremely easy to put up and take down.

Iconikal Snowflake Stocking Holder

Stockings aren’t just fun on Christmas morning—they also make for a cute decoration throughout the season, especially when they’re hanging from a mantel (or a dresser or TV stand—or wherever you have room for them!). These Iconikal Snowflake Stocking Holders are shaped like snowflakes, so they’re simple but also pretty.

Iconikal Snowflake Stocking Hanger Holder, Chrome, 4-Pack

Hang your stockings from chrome snowflakes.

Gerson Battery Operated Christmas Lanterns

Lanterns like these Gerson Battery Operated Christmas Lanterns look great whether they’re sitting on a windowsill, being used for a centerpiece, around a fireplace, or even outside on the front porch. They just give off a warm and magical glow that makes them look super festive and comforting. These are battery operated with a convenient timer feature, and come decorated with a bow and a little bit of greenery.

F&S Home Fireside Woven Throw

When in doubt, throw a cozy blanket over your sofa (this is a decorating rule I fully live by). This F&S Home Fireside Woven Throw is perfect for the holidays with its pretty red and white plaid design. It’s super soft and warm, and the fringe makes it look aesthetically pleasing when draped over your sofa. It’s even better next to a fireplace.

Satinor Bottle Brush Trees

Sometimes, a small decoration is great—you just place them randomly throughout the house in any area that looks like it could use a little something. These Satinor Bottle Brush Trees are a great example. In glittery gold, they stand out without being too flashy. You can use them for a table centerpiece, on a dresser or TV stand, or really anywhere.

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