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This Cake Cutting Hack Using Wine Glasses Has Gone Viral

A TikTok hack shows how to cut a cake with a wine glass.

If you’re just not the world’s greatest cake cutter, the latest hack video to go viral is going to make your day. People are now cutting cakes with wine glasses, and it’s pretty genius.

Cutting the perfect slice of cake isn’t as easy as it looks. From crumbly bits falling off to the slice breaking as you put it on the plate, things can go wrong. But TikTok’s latest hack circumvents all of those issues using a wine glass, and yes, you read that correctly. In a video from user @theroseperiod, there’s a birthday celebration happening, and a woman is blowing out candles.

Once blown out and plucked off the cake, you’d think it’d be cutting time, but instead, she holds an empty wine glass upside down and shoves it into the outer edge of the cake. She pulls it away with a perfect slice inside the glass. Others do the same until they each have a glass full of cake and offer up a cheer.

The only downside? The inner portion of the cake is left over, but hey, for those who love cake without a ton of icing, it’s now the perfect portion for them.

@theroseperiodHappy 20th birthday to my Jules!#twenty#fyp#birthdaycake#wineglasses#tiktokmom

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This isn’t the first cake cutting hack to go viral, though. If eating cake out of a wine glass just doesn’t seem like your cup of wine (sorry, couldn’t resist), there’s always floss. Back in June, a similar TikTok hack went viral, but instead of a wine glass, users took floss and ran it through the cake to create perfect, clean lines for symmetrical cake cut.

The next time you’re stressed about cutting a cake, TikTok may be the place to go for tips.

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