Experts Recommend Having This Trendy Kitchen Gadget

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There are some things everyone has in their kitchen: a few pans, a pot, a microwave. But the one trendy kitchen gadget the experts say everyone should have might surprise you.

Claire Lower, senior food editor at LifeHacker, told Apartment Therapy the one thing she thinks everyone needs in their kitchen is an Instant Pot.

While many already have the quick-cooking appliance, its relative newness still makes it a surprising choice. Sure, it’s popular, but it hasn’t quite reached Crock-Pot status yet. However, Lower offered a few good reasons why it should.

An Instant Pot sits on a countertop surrounded by food.
Instant Pot

“You can do so much with it,” Lower said. “Make rice, make a big pot of beans, make stock, hard boil eggs (that actually peel), cook big hunks of meat. I think it’s especially useful if you have a small place, simply because you can cook entire meals in it without having to turn on an oven.”

The Instant Pot wasn’t the only item on the list, but it’s arguably the most versatile. You can use it to make some soup and warm up in chilly weather, or try some kid-friendly recipes. Now, you can even expand what your Instant Pot already does by adding an air fryer attachment. 

Curious which other items the experts think you should have? Check out the full list over at Apartment Therapy.

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