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Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs (and 4 Delicious DIY Recipes)

A trifold image featuring a chocolate snowman, a chocolate Baby Yoda, and a three-pack of chocolate spheres
Trader Joe’s/Galerie/Target

You already love hot cocoa, but now, get ready for the next step: the hot cocoa bomb! This popular, creative way to make a cup of cocoa goes way beyond hot milk and chocolate powder.

They’re adorable and surprisingly simple. A round, hollow shell of chocolate encases the ingredients, including hot cocoa powder or shavings, plus all the mix-ins, like marshmallows, candy cane bits, and more.

Whether you want to try making one yourself or just enjoy one that’s ready to go, we’ve got some ideas for you!

Delicious Premade Hot Cocoa Bombs

If DIY isn’t your thing, try one of these three popular ready-made hot cocoa bombs to get all the chocolatey goodness without making it yourself. Be forewarned, though: these are incredibly popular, so they’re difficult to keep in stock right now.

There’s even a thriving secondary market on eBay of cocoa bomb scalpers, who are making a killing.

Here are our favorites (if you can get them):

  • Galerie Baby Yoda Hot Cocoa Bombs: Combining Instagram’s favorite trend with Twitter’s favorite character, these hot cocoa bombs have an adorable surprise inside. After the chocolate ball melts in your cup of hot milk, an adorable green marshmallow shaped like Baby Yoda floats to the top! You can also order these on Galerie Candy’s website (they’re out of stock at the moment) or at Kroger stores (if you can find them in stock).


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  • Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Snowman: This is one of the chain’s hottest seasonal items every year. Instead of a milk or dark chocolate shell, this one is made of white chocolate and decorated as an adorable, top-hat-wearing snowman. The inside is packed with milk chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. They’re available at a Trader Joe’s near you. Amazon and other third-party sellers might carry them, but beware: they’re a frequent target for major price markups.
  • Wondershop Hot Cocoa Bombs: For those who just want the creamy chocolate and mini marshmallows without all the cutesy fuss, these sleek, simple bombs will do the trick. These smooth, milk chocolate shells with mini marshmallows inside come in a three-pack at Target. Availability might vary by region.

Yummy DIY Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes

Of course, there are plenty of tutorials and recipes out there if you want to make hot cocoa bombs yourself! There are several variations, but, for the most part, they all follow the same basic recipe steps:

  1. Make the chocolate shells with melted/tempered chocolate and some sort of half-sphere candy mold. Allow the shells to harden completely before peeling them out.
  2. Fill one half of the sphere with hot cocoa (either powdered mix or chocolate shavings).
  3. Add the extras: a spoonful of mini marshmallows, candy cane bits, sprinkles, or whatever else you want to use to add more flavors.
  4. Place the other half of the sphere on top, and then seal it with more melted chocolate.

Once the bombs are constructed, they’re ready to use. Just like the premade versions, all you have to do is heat up some milk. When you gently pour it over the sphere, the chocolate will melt and create a cup of hot cocoa with your mix-ins.

Whether you’re looking for more custom flavor options, or just feel like getting crafty, the creative folks in the videos below have some easy tutorials. Give a few of them a try. All you need is a few ingredients and some patience!

There’s nothing simpler than this tutorial from All Recipes! It’s a straight-forward formula that can be adapted to any flavors or fillings you want to add to your hot cocoa bombs. The cute white chocolate drizzle just makes things a bit more festive.

If you’ve never worked with tempered chocolate before, the tutorial below from Sugar Geek Show has you covered. Before you get to the details of filling and decorating these adorable hot cocoa bombs, you’ll learn how to melt chocolate like a pro and get the smoothest, shiniest shells.

This video from Hot Times in the Kitchen offers a flavorful variety pack if you’re looking to move beyond the basic chocolate-plus-marshmallow formula. There are also several flavor profiles, including the warm spice of chai to the salty-sweetness of salted caramel. Plus, the Grinch Peppermint recipe offers a burst of cheery flavor and color!

The video below from Kiwanna’s Kitchen combines two of the most iconic drinks of the holiday season: hot cocoa and peppermint mochas. It’s a sweet twist on the standard recipe for the coffee lovers in your life. There’s even a quick tutorial on how to decorate them for an especially festive look!

Whether you make them yourself or scoop up some premade cocoa bombs, they’re a fun twist on hot chocolate and perfect to savor on a chilly winter day!

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