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12 Old-School Holiday Crafts to Do With Your Kids

Reminisce about your childhood this holiday season by doing some of these common childhood holiday crafts with your kids. Not only will it be a fun bonding experience, but also, most of these crafts are quite budget friendly.

Craft Colorful Construction Paper Garlands

Construction paper garlands are probably one of the easiest vintage kid’s holiday crafts out there. You simply cut construction paper into strips, dab some glue on one end, and attach them to each other like a chain until you get to the length you want. You can make them all one color or use multiple colors. Even if your child is too young to use the pointy scissors or cut straight, they can still glue the strips you cut.

Prang (Formerly Art Street) Construction Paper, 10 Assorted Colors, Standard Weight, 9" x 12", 500 Sheets

While a little construction paper goes a long way with this project, there are plenty of other kids' crafts you can use your bulk supply for.

Cut Up Paper Snowflakes

Use white construction paper or even plain printer paper to create fun snowflakes. Scissors are also definitely required for this project, but it’s the only other item needed to make snowflakes to hang on the walls and windows of your home. You can cut willy-nilly or use a pencil to create a more specific design.

Design Popcorn Garlands

Popcorn garlands are a great way to decorate your trees outside. You can also use cranberries purchased at the store, rather than collecting berries as shown in the video. Birds and other outdoor critters will enjoy dining on your handmade, edible garland.

Shape Some Salt Dough Ornaments

All you need to make salt dough ornaments are salt, flour, and water as well as some cookie cutters and an oven. You can add cinnamon for cinnamon-scented ornaments or essential oils. Peppermint and vanilla will make them smell like candy canes—just don’t eat them! One of the great things about these ornaments is that you can make them in all sorts of shapes with the cookie cutters. You can paint them, too.

Christmas Cookie Cutters Set, Large Stainless Steel 15 Pcs, Stocking, Gingerbread Man, Christma Tree

Create 15 different salt dough ornament shapes with this collection of Christmas cookie cutters.

Decoupage Vintage Looking Ornaments

There is a myriad of ways to create decoupage ornaments. You can use pre-cut wood pieces, old globe ornaments, or even styrofoam balls. You can paint them white first, or just glue on your chosen designs. You can use magazine clippings, old Christmas cards, napkins, and even pages from old books.

Create Fascinating Diorama Ornaments

If you can’t find the globe diorama ornaments anywhere to turn into these vintage cuties, you can use tart molds or any other open-face thing that has room to glue in mini-figures instead. These vintage-look ornaments are adorable and offer great fun for older kids.

Get Messy With Yarn and Glue Ornaments

Some yarn and a little glue can go a long way. Make star shapes, Christmas trees, and even hearts with pins, a styrofoam tray, yarn, and glue. Once your ornaments dry, they’ll look great on the tree or hanging from your garland-covered doorways.

Put Together a Vintage Ornament Wreath

Wreaths offer a great way to put all those vintage ornaments to good use, whether they’re glass globes, wood, plastic, or even handmade goodies from your childhood. With a wreath and your ornaments, you’ll create a unique decoration for your front door. You can use a foam wreath and pins like in the video, or you can hot glue your ornaments to a faux greenery wreath.

Construct Some Clothespin Reindeer

No matter what size or style your clothespins are, you can turn them into simple and cute reindeer decorations to hang on the tree. You don’t need much, aside from some glue to put eyes on, pipe cleaners to make antlers, and paint to create a brown reindeer—you can also paint on the eyes and nose. While this video shows a string attached to hang the ornament from the tree, you can always just clip it on a branch instead.

Stick Together a Family of Styrofoam Snowmen

Grab a bag with multiple sizes of styrofoam bags and you won’t have to go outside to make snowmen. You can set them in your holiday village, put them in your window display, or hang them on the tree. You can glue the balls together or use toothpicks to push each together for a sturdier snowman.

Fashion Fabric Hoop Art

You don’t have to embroider your fabric, like in the video. Instead, you can use solid colors and have your kids paint designs on them, or you can find vintage-looking fabric with Santa and other holiday designs, which will require no sewing or painting.

Concoct Orange and Clove Pomanders

Orange and clove pomanders offer another piece of fun outdoor decor. You can also hang them indoors for a festive scent—just toss them out if they start to mold. This project is easier done with a knife or some kind of poking tool to make holes for stabbing in the cloves. Be sure to poke the holes in for younger kids and let them add the cloves.

Crafting with your children will help create a new holiday tradition that they can pass on to their kids in the future. Plus, it gives you more bonding time with your family.

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