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These Are Americans’ Favorite Christmas Cookies

A plate filled with Christmas cookies.
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Chocolate chip, macadamia nut, sugar—there’s not exactly a shortage of cookie varieties out there. But what is America’s favorite Christmas cookie? Bob’s Red Mill teamed up with One Poll to find out.

The whole grain food brand surveyed 2,000 adults about their Christmas traditions, including how things might be different this year and their family’s roles in the festivities. But it also looked at food preferences.

One of the most interesting finds was about the holiday’s classic dessert: cookies. The teams from OnePoll and Bob’s Red Mill discovered that even though gingerbread is an oft-cited classic, chocolate chip still reigns supreme, with 40% of respondents citing it as their favorite.

“It’s hard to beat the classic chocolate chip cookie,” said Sarena Shasteen, culinary content specialist at Bob’s Red Mill, in the survey. “They might not have the traditional spices and flavors we associate with winter, but they’re easy for the whole family to bake together with just a few high-quality ingredients.”

If you’re curious, gingerbread did make it into the top five, alongside peanut butter, sugar, and snickerdoodle. If you want to check out the top 10, or see how your fave Christmas pie ranked, you can check out the full results at the survey’s website.

[Via Better Homes & Gardens]

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