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Want to Squeeze in Some “Bonus” Reading Time? Put the Kindle App on Your Phone

Woman reading a book on her phone in a coffee shop

If you’re already reading books on your Kindle, the fastest way to squeeze in extra reading time in your day is to put the Kindle app on your phone.

For many people, their Kindle is like a physical book. You pick it up at the end of the day or whenever your preferred reading time is, but you usually don’t have it with you all the time unless you regularly carry a purse or bag to stash it in.

Unlike a regular book that can only physically exist in one place at a time, though, the books on your Kindle can exist in more than one place at a time thanks to the Kindle’s Whispersync function. What does that mean to you, the diehard reader? It means even when your Kindle is sitting on your nightstand at home or beside your favorite reading chair, you can pull out your phone, open the Kindle app, and continue reading right where you left off.

It’s a fantastic way to squeeze in some extra reading while you’re in waiting rooms, standing in line, or otherwise stuck for some time, but you don’t have your actual Kindle on hand. Consider it “bonus” reading time that might have previously been spent flipping through social media or checking work emails.

While we’ve focused on the Kindle platform because of the near ubiquity of the ebook reader, you can easily adapt this tip to any ebook platform, like Kobo and Nook, that supports book syncing across devices.

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