Is This Viral Trick for Making Avocado Toast Genius or Disgusting?

A man made an avocado dispenser from a deodorant container.

Some things on the internet really make you ask, but why? The latest avocado toast hack on TikTok is one of them.

TikTok user @unnecessaryinventions (an apt name as you’ll soon see) created what is essentially an avocado dispenser, and that should sound great right? Well, once you see it, you may rethink that. The dispenser is essentially an old deodorant container filled up with mashed avocado. Twist the bottom, and you’ve got an avocado dispenser that’ll give you the perfect amount of topping for your breakfast.

@unnecessaryinventionsThis is the most millennial thing I’ve ever invented. #unnecessaryinventions♬ original sound – unnecessaryinvention

But here’s the thing, the TikTok user in question knows that this “hack” is much more of a joke than a hack. In fact, his account of full of funny and useless “inventions” that are much more likely to give you a good laugh than a good kitchen gadget. There’s his snack saucer—a frisbee with a bowl on top—that you can throw to friends to share snacks and social distance (surprise, you lose all your snacks when you throw it, and there’s the mini paint rollers that velcro onto your hands to paint your walls.

So, unfortunately, there’s no real avocado dispenser, but this is one TikTok that’s good for a laugh.

[Via Delish]

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