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8 High-Flying Accessories for Climbing Cats

A striped tabby cat on top of an open door.
Larisa Lomaeva/Shutterstock

If your cat’s a climber, there are tons of accessories out there that can help him embrace his love of heights. Whether you live in a small space or have tons of room, there are plenty of options for all of the places that high-climbing kitties call home.

Most cats usually fall into one of two categories: bush dweller or tree dweller. The former tend to prefer staying low on the ground, while the latter love to climb as high as possible. Cat trees and perches are just a few of the options that will allow your tree dweller to rise above it all without using your curtains or furniture to do so.

It’s usually a good idea to choose something that will allow your cat to be at eye level with you. Or, just consider her highest perching spot, and then find an option below that’s roughly the same height.

A Faux Tree for Your Little Climber

A cat hanging out at the base of a fake cat climbing tree in a dining area.
On2 Pets

While this faux tree only stands about five feet, it’s still attractive to your feline family members—especially those who like to climb real trees.

With this one, you won’t have to call the fire department to get her to come back down, though, which is always a plus. One of the best things about this tree is that it’s more aesthetically pleasing than those basic carpeted cat trees.

Over Six Feet of Climbing Fun

A cat climbing a wall-mounted cat tree.

This cat tree and scratching post is nothing like your normal carpet-covered cat tree—it saves space instead of looking like kitty clutter.

It mounts right to the wall for stability, so you know that your cat can climb safely. It also comes with easy-to-remove cushioned pads for your cat to lounge on after an exhausting climb.

Places to Climb and Hide

Cats hanging out on a cat tree.

This tree gives kitties over eight feet of climbing space, with lots of places to hide and relax. There are five areas on which to chill on this cat tree, two of which are comfy condos, so there should be no fighting over spaces to nap.

This one is particularly perfect for multi-cat households.

Floor-to-Ceiling Climbing Comfort

Tops of the floor-to-ceiling cat trees.

This climber goes all the way up to the ceiling, so your adventurous cat can climb as high as possible. It’s over nine feet tall, but there’s some space at the top, so your cats won’t be climbing across the ceiling like spider-kitties.

This option is perfect for cats who like to go super high!

A Wall-Mounted Bridge

A cat on a wall-mounted bridge

Not all kitty climbers take up a bunch of floor space. This cool cat bridge only requires a bit of wall space for your cats to climb around and have fun.

You can just hang the bridge over your couch or another piece of furniture so that your cat can easily access it. Or, you can set it up near cat trees or other wall-mounted climbing accessories. You’ll have fun watching them slink across it, too.

A Cute Wall-Mounted Condo

A cat lounging inside a wall-mounted cat condo.
Big Nose

Your cat deserves nothing but the best, and this adorable cat condo is exactly that! It will give kitty a comfy place to hang out after he climbs up to it.

What makes this condo even better is that the furry cover is removable for easy washing. It also has a fun retro vibe.

Even Your Cat Wants a Hammock

Cat in a hammock.
7 Ruby Road

Hammocks are all the rage with humans this year, but now, your cat can have one, too! This wall-mounted version comes with two steps so that your cat can get to her favorite “hang-out” height.

Not only does this hammock offer kitty a comfy place to rest, but it’s also easy to remove and is hand-washable.

Activity Shelves

Cat lounging on a cat shelf.

This three-piece shelving set gives your cat hours of climbing and scratching fun. The top shelf also has enough space for lounging. The hole in the top lounge also makes climbing up and down much easier for kitty.

The plush cushion is also removable for easy cleaning.

Keep your cat from damaging your curtains, doors, or cupboards by channeling that climbing energy into something made just for him. Of course, if you don’t mind waiting a year, you could spring for this mega cat tree straight out of a fairy tale.

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