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Keep Fitness Fun and Interesting with 30-Day Challenges

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Many people’s New year’s resolutions include introducing or re-introducing some health and fitness habits into their lives, and what better way to start than to immerse yourself in a 30-day challenge that will keep you accountable for a full month? Here are some of our favorite picks to choose from!

30-Day Yoga Challenge

One of the most popular yoga channels online, Yoga with Adrienne, is not only filled with amazing content that gets updated every week, but it also has a brand new 30-day challenge you can follow into the new year and get it started on the right track.

It starts nice and slow with intentional breathwork and finding the right foundation for your yoga practice and then it promises to get deeper into the poses and challenge your entire body, from head to toe.

Another great way to start 2021 is with this fun full-month Yoga With Tim yoga challenge that will have you excited for the next day’s class even before the end of your current session. Get ready to roll out your mat and have some fun!

30-Day Pilates Challenge

Even after four years, this 30-day YouTube pilates challenge with Robin Long is wildly popular—people still seek it out and many happy users report sticking with the program to the end. Her expertise and attention to detail make the classes just as effective for pilates newbies as they are for those who practice for years. If you’re looking for 30 days of great pilates workouts, don’t skip this one!

Another 30-day pilates challenge that’s also super popular was created over two years ago by YouTube sensation Lily Sabri. Her program is fantastic and it keeps on inspiring her almost 2 million subscribers to get on their mat and move their body. With innovative movements and an addictive personality, it’s no wonder her videos still attract new viewers daily.

30-Day HIIT Challenge

High-intensity interval training has been one of the most sought-after types of fitness challenges year after year when it comes to fitness resolutions. The primary reason? Their great ability to help you lose weight and excess water gained after the holiday festivities.

In only 30-ish minutes, HIIT burns a fair amount of calories and it gives you the opportunity to give your best every minute you’re not resting. This full-body HIIT challenge by the famous YouTube account ‘growingannanas’ is a great way to spend 30 minutes of your time every single day for the next month and have you feeling ready to tackle whatever 2021 brings to the table.

30-Day Strength Fitness Challenge

2020 definitely brought at-home workouts to a whole new level, from starting with no equipment and basic movements to leading to a shortage of dumbbells and kettlebells as people started to realize they won’t be visiting their favorite gym anytime soon.

This no-equipment 30-day workout challenge from MrandMrsMuscle will tone your body and work on your strength even if you haven’t managed to snatch a few of those dumbbells for yourself, and you won’t be feeling like you’re missing out on intensity, sweat, and next day’s soreness.

If, on the other hand, you did manage to turn a part of your house into a mini-gym, this minimal-equipment fat-burning and strengthening 30-day workout challenge will make you sweat and put every muscle in your body to the test. Even after 6 years, it’s no wonder people keep on clicking and following BeFit’s awesome challenge.

30-Day Barre Challenge

Those who enjoyed their weekly barre classes can now safely do them from the comfort of their own home with Action Jacquelin’s 30 days of leg-sculpting workouts that will have you wonder how you never knew all those little muscles even existed. Get ready to feel the burn and dedicate some time for yourself 30 days in a row.

30-Day Rep Challenges

30 day squat fitness challenge worksheet.
Verywell Fit

Extremely popular and very straightforward, specific-exercise-rep challenges have been the easiest way of holding yourself accountable for a full month, with progressions clearly visible on paper that are meant to motivate you as the days pass. The chart above is from Verywell Fit’s 30-day Squat Challenge and showcases the kind of routine to expect.

But whether you’re doing 30 days of squats, planks, push-ups, burpees, or any other exercise, the goal is to slowly and gradually increase the rep count, intensity, time, or speed, and find yourself faster, stronger, and more accustomed to the exercise by the end of the challenge.

You can then continue with the same exercise and see where it takes you for another 30 days or switch to another one and get better at performing it. These types of challenges are easy, don’t require a lot of space or preparation, and can always be a great base for modifying and intensifying by using resistance bands or other additional equipment.

Free-Trial Fitness Apps

Most on-demand apps are based on a subscription model and are, therefore, not free which deters those who only want to try out a specific workout style or trainer without committing to a full-on membership.

Some apps, like Tone It Up and Alo Moves offer free 7 and 14-day trials where you can try out as many workouts as you want before deciding whether or not you want to switch to a monthly or yearly plan. It’s a great way to check out a few fitness apps, see what’s out there, and challenge your body with a plethora of different workouts every single day of the month.

With these 30-day fitness challenges, you can set up new goals every month and finish the year stronger and healthier than ever.

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