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Here’s How to Fix a Tunneled Candle

You can fix a tunneled candle with just aluminum foil.

If you’ve ever had a candle burn unevenly, you’ve likely experienced an effect called tunneling. Well, good news, you can fix a tunneled candle with nothing but tin foil.

What exactly is tunneling? It’s basically what it sounds like. When a candle burns and the outer edges form a circle of unmelted wax as the center continues to reduce, it forms a sort of tunnel. Honestly. it seems like a pretty hopeless situation, but it’s not.

TikTok user @LucyParts illustrates that all you need to fix it is a bit of aluminum foil. To do this hack, she wraps foil around the top and folds a bit of it over the rim so that it hangs just slightly into the inside of the candle, but she leaves an opening for the wick to actually burn. Then, she lights the candle. After letting it burn, she returns and all of that pesky tunneled wax is melted.

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The next time you think your candle is gone for good, this hack may help.

[Via Better Homes & Gardens]

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