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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Dec. 28, 2020

Studio McGee is back with a second season.

You’ve had a holly jolly holiday, and now you’re ready to move on from the Christmas content. Well, good news! Netflix is helping you. It’s the last drop of December, and it coincides with the first few days of January 2021. The streaming service is giving fans a plethora of choices for their post-New Year’s Eve champagne binges.

Curious about what’s heading your way? Here’s everything coming to Netflix this week.

  • Dec. 28
    • Cops and Robbers: This hybrid animation and film spoken word feature explores police brutality.
    • Rango: The Johnny Depp film about a lizard comes to streaming.
  • Dec. 29
    • Dare Me: Season 1: A new high school cheerleading coach tears apart a squad in this USA show.
  • Dec. 30
    • Best Leftovers Ever!: This cooking show takes leftover dishes and turns this into something completely new.
    • Equinox: A woman looks into the disappearance of her sister in this film.
    • Transformers: War For Cyberton Trilogy: Chapter 2: Earthrise: The Transformers are back in an original Netflix anime.

  • Dec. 31
    • Best of Stand-Up 2020: Comedy fans will love this collection of 2020’s best stand-up specials.
    • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 4: The Sabrina reboot comes to a close.
  • Jan. 1
    • 17 Again: Zac Efron stars in this film where he becomes 17 again.
    • 30 Minutes or Less: A pizza delivery guy is kidnapped by criminals, strapped with a bomb, and told to rob a bank in this dark comedy.
    • Abby Hatcher: This animated series follows Abby Hatcher, a girl who helps her friends navigate their own growing emotions while interacting with adorable animals called Fuzzlies.
    • Blue Streak: A thief returns to find a diamond he planted at a construction site only to find the sight is now a police station.
    • Bonnie and Clyde: This film tells the story of, well, famous robbers Bonnie and Clyde.
    • Can’t Hardly Wait: Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this cult-classic ’90s teen rom-com.
    • Catch Me If You Can: Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this film about an FBI agent attempting to stop a young and smart bank robber.

  • Jan. 1
    • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Based on the famous picture book, a man creates a machine that makes the sky rain food.
    • Cool Hand Luke: The iconic Paul Newman film comes to streaming.
    • The Creative BrainNeuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman speaks with professionals in multiple creative careers for an exploration of creativity itself.
    • The Departed: A cop goes undercover with a gang while a gang member infiltrates a police station.
    • Dream Home Makeover: The couple behind Studio McGee is back for their second season of home makeovers.
    • Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee stars in this film about a man attempting to catch the dealer responsible for his sister’s murder.
    • Gimme Shelter: A woman finds hope at a women’s shelter for pregnant teens.
    • Good Hair: Chris Rock interview Black celebrities and personalities about the importance of hair in the Black community.

  • Jan. 1
    • Goodfellas: The classic Martin Scorcese mob film comes to Netflix.
    • Gothika: Halle Berry stars in this film about a woman placed into a mental hospital and accused of killing her husband with no memory of the events.
    • The Haunted HathawaysA family moves to New Orleans to open a bakery only to find their new home haunted in this fun kids’ series.
    • Headspace Guide to Meditation: The Headspace app’s Netflix special looks at the benefits of meditation.
    • Into the Wild: This bio-pic tells the story of Christopher McCandless and his explorations in Alaska.
    • Julie & Julia: A woman sets out to conquer Julia Child’s cookbook as she navigates life.
    • The Minimalists: Less Is Now: This documentary film looks at the way minimalism can help improve quality of life.
    • Monarca: A tequila tycoon and his family cater to Mexico’s elite.
    • Mud: Two boys try to help a convict reunite with his first love.

  • Jan. 1
    • Mystic Pizza: Julia Roberts stars in this film about a small-town pizza joint’s waitresses.
    • The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!: Leslie Nielsen’s classic action-comedy hits streaming.
    • Eddie Murphy: Raw: Eddie Murphy’s comedy special comes to Netflix.
    • Sex and the City: The Movie: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda reunite in the film follow-up to the hit HBO show.
    • Sex and the City 2: The women are back in a trip to Abu Dhabi.
    • Sherlock Holmes: Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law star as Sherlock and Watson in this film.
    • Striptease: Demi Moore stars in this iconic film about a woman attempting to make movie to fight for custody of her daughter.
    • Superbad: This raunchy comedy classic is not for the faint of heart.
    • What Happened to Mr. Cha?: An actor tries to get back to his former glory in this Netflix film.
    • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp star in this movie about a man dealing with his complex family in a small town.
  • Jan. 2
    • Asphalt Burning: A man races for his runaway bride in this film.
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