Kroger’s Top Trending Foods of 2020 Make Total Sense

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Sure, people bought a lot of flour for their 2020 baking needs, and instant coffee likely saw a surge thanks to Dalgona coffee. But Kroger’s top trending foods of 2020 are so on-brand for this year, they’ll have you nodding your head like “Yep, I bought that.”

Kroger’s list of the top foods is based on year-over-year sales growth—so the items that have seen the biggest increase in sales. While some aren’t as “yeah, that’s 2020” as others, so many seem like they could reflect people’s feelings and needs this year: aka comfort food and wine. The top item, zero-calorie drinks were joined by artisan bread and deli meats. Stuart Aitken, Kroger’s chief merchant, sees these trending foods as part of a move toward a trend of stay-at-home lunches and virtual schooling.

But outside of the more practical items, there was plenty of comfort food. Mexican blend shredded cheese, potato chips, Sauvignon Blanc wine, and party-size variety bags of chocolate all made the top 10 list. Yes, I definitely needed wine, cheese, and chocolate this year, and have no shame about it.

Kroger's top trending foods of 2020 include several comfort options.

But Kroger didn’t just break down the top foods for 2020. The retailer also gave predictions for 2021’s trendiest options. On the list: food meets function, global flavors, and more. If you want to learn more about these predictions, you can head over to the Kroger website now for what to expect come 2021.

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