A TikTok Baker Made a Gingerbread Baby Yoda

A TikTok baker makes a baby yoda gingerbread figure in a recent video.

You’ve seen Baby Yoda cocoa bombs and Baby Yoda lego sets, but now, there’s a gingerbread Baby Yoda, and it looks so real.

TikTok user @sugargeekshow crafted Baby Yoda (who we now know as Grogu) and his floating hub completely out of gingerbread, royal icing, and isomalt. The result is next-level realistic. In the video, viewers can see the baker create Grogu’s pod by using a sphere, molding gingerbread over it before gluing sections together to create the rounded top. Next, she works on Grogu himself, using a Baby Yoda doll to create a mold of his face before shaping his body with different types of gingerbread. By the end of the video, Grogu is sitting perfectly—and realistically—in his pod waiting for Mando.

@sugargeekshowWho do you think won?? Look👇🏼@djlemay2 @sugar.hero @cakelegend @jillsejd @matthewinthekitchen @mattadlard @bobbysrey @theicingartist #gbcollab2020♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

For those who are curious about all of the steps it took to make Baby Grogu—like what molding material she used and how she did it—there’s an entire YouTube video dedicated to his creation. If you’re still feeling festive and want to attempt your own Grogu, or you’re still in your feelings from The Mandalorian finale, why not go for it?

[Via Delish]

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