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Light Up Your Working World with a Sleek New Desk Lamp

The Mlambert Desk Lamp, the Briever USB Table Lamp, and the BenQ ScreenBar Task Lamp.

Whether you’re working from home temporarily or you’re a home-office veteran, a good desk lamp is, arguably, the most important thing on your desk after your computer. Not only is proper lighting necessary to see what you’re doing, but it can also prevent eyestrain. These desk lamps are all sleek-looking and affordable, with some nifty modern features.

Proper lighting can prevent your eyes from becoming exhausted, especially when you’re staring at a screen eight hours a day. Fortunately, an excellent yet stylish desk lamp doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Your eyes will thank you for adding any of these options to your home office.

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

The LEPOWER desk lamp in Sand Black on a bedside table and on a desk where a young girl is doing homework.

As classic as it gets, we love this flexible lamp from LEPOWER. It features an old-school shape, with a rounded base and a round, tapered shade connected by a flexible gooseneck.

The lamp comes in a selection of appealing neutral colors, and the flexible neck makes it easy to adjust at different angles to shine light exactly where you need it.

Mlambert Desk Lamp with Charging Port

Silver lamp with bent neck sitting on a desk with a phone plugged in

If you’re looking for a true multipurpose lamp, this one from Mlambert has it all. There are three different color modes and dimming options, and it also has an adjustable head and arms.

In addition to all the flexibility options, this lamp features a built-in USB charging port. The stylish, angular design is both useful and aesthetically pleasing, making this a classic choice that won’t take up too much room on your desk.

Briever USB Table Lamp

Black and white desk setup with rectangular lamp in the center

The Briever USB table lamp is a little boxier and sturdier than your typical desk lamp, but the trade-off offers some advantages. For a bigger desk or a more solid, formal look, the rectangular head and boxy base make a big statement while still providing plenty of light across your entire workspace.

Plus, this lamp includes multiple built-in charging stations in its base, with handy slots for your devices to keep them nearby while they’re charging.

iHome LED Desk Lamp

Five colorful flexible lamps, with a black one larger and in the center

Colorful and quirky, but also minimalist and simple, the iHome LED desk lamp uses powerful LED bulbs for bright, reliable lighting that’s longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly.

It has an easy USB cable to connect to a power source, so even if your desk is in an odd spot, you can just use any device with a USB connection, and then let there be light!

Thanks to the four color options, which include beautiful shades of pink and blue, this lamp can fit in with any décor and/or add a pop of color without taking up a bunch of visual (and literal) space.

BenQ ScreenBar Task Lamp

Two people looking at a computer screen with the BenQ screenbar lamp on top of it.

For many people who work from home, even a slim desk lamp might require more space than you have available. The BenQ task lamp is the perfect solution for those situations. Instead of a typical lamp with a base and neck, this device is just the important part: the light.

Just perch it on top of your computer screen, and this powerful lamp will flood your whole desk with light. It certainly doesn’t make a style statement, but it doesn’t get more convenient or more space-saving than this one!

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