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Handy Car Accessories for Road-Trippin’ Dogs

A pug wearing a sweater with his paws on the steering wheel of a car.
Tanja Esser/Shutterstock

Whether you’re going camping, on a road trip, or visiting family, traveling with a dog in the car for more than a couple of hours can be a bit stressful. These accessories will make the trip much easier.

Car Seat Cover

A car seat cover on the backseat of a vehicle.

A car seat cover is the most important accessory for anyone traveling with a dog in the car. It’ll keep your seats clean, while providing a safe and roomy spot for your dog to hang out. This one includes multiple pockets and an attachment flap to protect the inside of the doors, as well.

Dog Travel Bag

Lucky Tail Dog Travel Bag.
Lucky Tail

This travel bag will hold water, toys, treats, and dog food in organized compartments for easy access. The fabric is water-resistant and there are plenty of pockets to store any extra supplies. It even includes a pooh bag dispenser for quick access during emergencies.

Travel Water Bottle

The lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs.

Your dog needs frequent access to water during a long road trip. This water bottle allows you to give him a drink without having to deal with a sloshy dish spilling everywhere. Water flows in and out of the bowl attached to the lid with a simple squeeze. You’ll never leave the house without it again.

Seat Belt and Harness Set

A dog in the SlowTon Dog Car Seat Belt and Harness.

Keep your pet safe and secure in the car with this harness and seat belt combo. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes to get the perfect fit for your pooch. The seat belt easily connects to the harness and leaves your dog enough leash to move around in the seat, while still keeping her safely restrained.

Anxiety Jacket

A dalmatian pup wearing the Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket.

Some dogs get stressed in the car, which can lead to whining, panting, and chewing. This anxiety jacket is comforting and helps relieve stress for many pups. It’s like giving your dog a cozy hug without taking your hands off the wheel.

Soft Carrier for Smaller Dogs

Black Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier.
Amazon Basics

It’s often safer to transport small dogs in a pet carrier rather than on the car seat. This one is available in three different sizes. It’s also lightweight, so you can carry it around with ease. The fleece pad inside will keep your dog warm and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Pet Towel

A shih tzu wrapped in a pet towel.
Bone Dry

Dogs are messy, so it’s always good to have a towel on hand. This one comes embroidered with a paw print or bone so you won’t mix it up with any of your “human” towels. You can choose from 16 different designs and two sizes.

Pet First Aid Kit

The bag and contents of the Pet First Aid Kit.
Atlas Survival

This first aid kit is especially good to have on hand during long road trips when an emergency care clinic may not be available for hours. It’s compact and easy to store, but contains over 40 items to handle anything that comes up.

No-Splash Water Bowl

A brown lab in a back seat with the No-Spill Water Dish.

If you plan on driving for hours without stopping, you can leave this water dish on the seat so your dog has constant access. The design makes it unlikely to spill, even when you hit a bump or make a sharp turn. It also works well for food.

Chew Toy

A dog chewing on a bacon-shaped toy.

This long-term chew toy will keep your dog from getting bored on long trips. It’s tough enough to keep your pup busy for hours, but soft enough that it won’t hurt her teeth. It’s best for mild to moderate chewers.

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