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Keep Baby Safe During Bath Time with These 9 Products

Baby bath products and an adorable baby in a bathtub.

Bath time is a really fun time, as long as things are safe and sound. We’ve rounded up some great products to make sure your baby has a fun time in the tub.

Any time of the year is a great time to upgrade your baby bath setup for extra safety, but it’s especially topical at the moment as January is Bath Safety Month.

We’ve selected some items to help you protect your little one during bath time. The list below includes everything you need for a clean, safe, and happy baby.

Invest a Stable Baby Bathtub

A woman washing a baby in the Angelcare tub.

Bath seats run the risk of tipping, but this contoured tub is made to stay steady. It also offers comfort for even the tiniest babies. Plus, it fits right in your tub, so you’ll have lots of space to get your baby clean.

When it comes to picking the right baby tub, you also want to look for one that won’t easily grow mold or mildew. The mesh on the Angelcare tub helps water drain better to keep it more hygienic. It also has an ergonomic design that makes washing your child more comfortable for both of you.

Avoid Too-Hot Water with a Baby Bath Thermometer

A baby in a tub with the rubber duckie thermometer.

Babies have sensitive skin and are more sensitive to temperature extremes. Even if your kiddo seems perfectly content in too-hot water that doesn’t mean the hot tub experience is great for their tiny body. This rubber duckie thermometer will make bath time both fun and safe for your little one. This cute little temperature-taker will entertain your child while you get down to the hard work of washing.

Grab Some Baby-Friendly Shampoo and Wash

Eucerin baby wash bottle on a blanket.

We all know how much soap and shampoo can burn when it gets in our eyes! That’s why it’s important to look for fragrance- and dye-free soaps designed specifically for babies. Little ones have extra-sensitive skin, and baby shampoos and washes are also gentler on their eyes.

Make Things Easier with a Bath Rinser

A woman using the bath rinser on a child in the tub.

Make rinsing that soap and shampoo off your child (and yourself, if you prefer baths) much easier with this adorable duckling rinser.

When you use a cup or bowl to rinse, you tend to dump water everywhere, including outside the tub. The spout on this pitcher, though, will direct the water exactly where you want it to go. It also perfectly matches the rubber duckie thermometer we included above.

Keep Little Ears Safe with a Baby Bath Visor

Baby bath visors are the perfect way to avoid tears in the tub. Not only does this handy little head cover keep water out of your baby’s eyes, but it also prevents it from dripping into their ears, which can cause ear infections.

Grab a Cute Bath Toy

Bath toys keep baby occupied while you’re busy getting her clean. Pick toys that are safe, since babies have a habit of putting things in their mouths. You don’t need a tub full of toys, either—one or two will keep them occupied long enough for you to get them clean.

Use These Cute and Gentle Washcloths

Two muslin bamboo baby washcloths on a changing table.

Not all washcloths are created equal. If you’ve ever used one that felt like sandpaper, you how uncomfortable and irritating it is. That’s why you want to be extra careful when choosing which washcloths to use on your baby.

Because babies don’t need baths every day, you won’t need a bunch of special washcloths. This six-pack of soft, absorbent muslin bamboo cloths will get you through several weeks of baby baths without needing a laundry day.

Dry Off with an Adorable Bath Towel

A mom holding a baby wrapped in a hooded puppy towel.

Quickly drying and warming baby after a bath is important, so the right towel is a must. This puppy towel is very cute, but it’s also designed to be extra absorbent to dry baby off quickly. It’s made of bamboo cotton, so it’s also soft and comfortable.

Work in Comfort with a Kneeler and Elbow Rest

A mom using the cushioned elbow pad on the side of the tub while washing her son.

Your comfort matters, too, and this cushioned knee mat and leaning support will help. No more knee and elbow pain while washing your child! The support even has pockets where you can stash baby wash, washcloths, and extra toys for easy access whenever you need them.

Baby bath time doesn’t have to be such a chore. With the right stuff, you cannot only keep your child safe while getting him clean, but you can also protect your knee and elbow joints from strain and discomfort!

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