Coffee Is One of 2021’s Biggest Flavor Trends

A bag of coffee beans is spilled onto a wooden table and surround a cup of coffee.
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Coffee lovers, your time has arrived. When it comes to 2021’s biggest flavor trends, coffee makes the list.

Better Homes & Gardens spoke with food experts about what tastes will be big in the new year, and coffee-flavored items made the cut. Marie Wright, chief global flavorist for Archer Daniels Midland, told the outlet that all things coffee-flavored would be in and that you should expect to see the flavor in, well, everything. From ice cream to candy to yogurt, the taste is going to make its way into more than just your morning jolt. Perhaps it’s a holdover from the dalgona coffee trend, or maybe people just need an extra buzz to pull themselves out of 2020—but whatever the reason, people who always have a mug on hand are in luck.

But coffee is far from alone, and may actually be one of the more tame flavors (but not boring, never boring, coffee lovers!). Black lime, a tangy-sweet fermented take on typical lime juice, is also predicted to grow in popularity, and Wright predicts that it will find its way into cocktails like gin and tonics.

But if you’re not so much into coffee and are more of a wine than a cocktail person, you can check out all of the predictions over at Better Homes & Gardens.

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