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The ‘Dogs of 2020’ Video from WeRateDogs Is a Must See

A dog sticks its tongue out while being held.
Branislav Nenin/Shutterstock

There’s no shortage of wrap-ups and lists as the year closes out, but this 2020 recap video of the most adorable and endearing dog videos of the year is a must-watch reel.

The Twitter account, well, rates dogs, but if you haven’t seen it before, don’t worry. It’s really the opposite of mean. Instead, the account is more of a way for dog owners to celebrate their pups’ derpy quirks as a collective group. People send in their photos or videos, and the account “rates” them and adds funny captions. Those ratings? They’re basically always well over a ten on a ten-point scale (because every dog is a very good boy or girl).

Now, to end 2020 on a bright note, the account has rounded up the best dogs of the year in a nearly seven-minute-long video that’s going to require tissues, a lot of “aww-ing,” and a prolonged need to hug your own pet. From puppies’ silly walks to the dogs participating in rescues in the Australian wildfires, this is one year-end video you really have to see.

We don’t know about you, but this was exactly what we needed right now.

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