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6 Gorgeous Cutting Boards Perfect for Charcuterie Spreads

A variety of pretty wood cutting boards.

Wooden cutting boards aren’t just a great choice for your kitchen—many of them are beautiful and durable enough to use as serving or charcuterie boards, as well!

You don’t have to have a special event to put together a delicious board of meats, cheese, fruits, or any other finger food your heart desires. It doesn’t get any easier than chopping and serving on the same wooden board!

The six boards below will work just as well in the kitchen as they do for serving!

AZRHOM Walnut Board

A small walnut cutting board with a rich grain pattern.

This AZRHOM board is made of beautiful walnut, which is a solid choice. It holds up well and is easier on knife blades than many others. The smoothly cut grooves around the side are also useful for catching debris and juices when chopping. They also add an extra detail when being used for a display.

The board also comes with nonstick grips and built-in handles, so it’s easy to carry and set on any table. It’s a simple, elegant choice that goes easily from the kitchen to the table.


Sonder Los Angeles Teak Board

A striking end-grain teak cutting board.
Sonder Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a wooden board that makes a visual statement, this one from Sonder Los Angeles is perfect! Not only does it feature an unusual, swirling “end grain” teak pattern, but it’s also quite thoughtfully designed. Both sides of the board have nonslip feet to keep it stable.

One side also has a traditional groove to catch liquids while cutting meat or fruit, while the other features a series of carved-in cups to hold and organize the bits you’ve chopped. You really can’t go wrong with a board this lovely and useful!

Beautiful end-grain design and a sturdy base.

Rachael Ray Cutting Board with Handle

A rustic cutting board from Rachael Ray's 'Cuscina' line of home goods.
Rachael Ray

If you need a cutting board to pull double duty from counter to table, a handle might be especially helpful. This Rachael Ray cutting board has a simple design—no carved grooves or any special detailing.

It has a simple, almost rustic look, and is made from acacia wood, which works well for knives. It’s also heavy enough to prevent it from sliding around.

As a space-saving bonus, the hole in the handle makes it easy to hang in your kitchen, so you can even use it décor!

TPA End-Grain Wood Cutting Board

An end-grand cutting board.
Daddy Chef

This Daddy Chef end-grain cutting board is another variation on the quirky, checkerboard look of artfully mismatched wood. This one’s a bit bigger and sturdier than some of the others on our list thanks to the wide rubber, nonslip feet screwed into the bottom.

If you’ve ever been annoyed when your cutting board’s feet go missing after a wash or two (dozen), you won’t have to worry about that anymore!

This hefty board will serve you well as a work surface and a beautiful display for cheese and crackers, fruit, and more.

TPA End-Grain Wood Cutting Board

Solid for cutting with a beautiful end-grain pattern for display.

Canwell Acacia Board

An acacia cutting board.

You can’t go wrong with a simple, sleek design like this acacia cutting board from Canwell. Sturdy and durable acacia wood with a pretty grain makes for a beautiful display board. It’ll also keep your knives in good shape.

In addition to its visual appeal, this board includes useful features like a juice groove set a little way in from the sides and built-in handles on the underside for easy carrying.

Canwell Acacia Board

Acacia wood with easy-to-grip handles.

Befano Walnut Cutting Board with Handle

A walnut cutting board with a looped handle.

Made of extremely durable black walnut, this Befano cutting board is sturdy enough to withstand real kitchen use, while not dulling or damaging the blades of your favorite knives. Walnut is particularly hard and sturdy, making it the perfect choice for the cutting board you use most often.

The beautiful wood grain and sleek, rounded handle also make this one a pretty choice for setting on your table, no matter the occasion.

Befano Walnut Cutting Board with Handle

The perfect everyday cutting board.

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