Smart Lighting Is a Popular 2020 Home Upgrade & It’s So Easy

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When it comes to home upgrades, your mind might go to things like updating appliances or adding new fixtures in your bathroom. However, one of the most popular home upgrades in 2020 was simpler and way more affordable: smart lighting.

Apartment Therapy spoke to Kaitlyn Payne, principal designer at Basicspace, about which upgrades were most popular last year. The designer said she saw more people requesting additional electrical outlets and smart lights.

And fortunately, smart lighting is a pretty easy and affordable upgrade. In fact, according to Payne, you can get lights you can control from your phone for as little as $10.

While a hub and light system like the Philips Hue platform is on the pricier side—you can expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars on a starter kit, companion bulbs, and accessories—you can easily (and more affordably) test the waters. To do so, just grab some basic Wi-Fi (hub-free) bulbs for under $10 each.

Better yet, not only can both Hue bulbs and the cheaper Wi-Fi kind be controlled via systems like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, but you can also add some color to your space thanks to color-changing bulbs. Plus, as neither system is hardwired, they’re both renter-friendly.

If you’re considering a home upgrade this year, a quick light switch might be the way to go. Curious about the other 2020 upgrade trends? Head over to Apartment Therapy to check out the full list.

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