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Hard Kombucha Is a 2021 Trend According to Instacart

Alcoholic kombucha in stemless wine glasses on a wood cutting board.
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If there’s a service that knows what Americans are eating, it’s Instacart. The grocery delivery service works with some of the biggest retailers in the country, and apparently, it’s been taking notice of trends. For 2021, Instacart predicts that hard kombucha will be the drink of choice.

If you’re not familiar with kombucha, it’s a fermented drink typically made of tea, sugar, and yeast as well as a culture of bacteria. The drink is usually used as a way to lower inflammation and improve gut health. Now, people want to be able to have a drink at night and help their gut microbiome—at least, according to Instacart.

In the service’s “New Year, New Cart” 2021 Grocery Trends Report, it found that overall, people are reaching for lighter alcoholic beverages and alcoholic versions of health drinks—like hard kombucha. In fact, hard kombucha is up a whopping 320% in searches, according to the service, but it does note that it’s the west coast that’s mostly on board with this trend.

If you’ve got a New Year’s resolution to incorporate new health goals into your life, but you just aren’t sure about giving up your nightly drink, hard kombucha may be the answer to your dilemma. And if you want to find out all of Instacart’s predictions, you can check them out in the service’s press release.

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