Upgrading This Piece of Furniture Is a Major 2021 Decor Trend

A dining room with a large table.

Those looking to upgrade their homes in 2021 may not be looking to gut their kitchens and bust down a few walls. Instead, decor changes—which are often less expensive—may be the way to go. One of the most popular upgrades? Massive tables.

Martha Stewart Living spoke with Glenn Gissler, the founder of Glenn Gissler Design, about what decor trends will become major in this new year, and oversized tables were one of his predictions. These might seem like a strange thing to invest in given how little entertaining people are doing lately, but the driving force behind the sudden interest in massive tables isn’t hosting huge parties.

Gissler told the outlet, “In this era of working from home, schooling from home, and well, just being home all the time, a very large table can serve as the new heart of the home. If the table is large enough, one end can be devoted to ‘work’ and ‘school,’ and the other end can be used for dining.”

For those who have space, oversized tables are a decor feature that can be both functional and stylish. With so many people working from home and engaging in virtual schooling, the trend focuses heavily on the necessity of having a work area—but you can also make the new piece fun. Gissler goes on to tell the outlet that adding lamps to the “work” end of the table can give the look a “library feel.”

In case you wanted an update that won’t break the bank and gives your home some needed space and cozy, library vibes, a new table may be just the way to go. If you want to check out Martha Stewart Living‘s full list of 2021 decor trends, you can check out the full list on the site.

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